Gus. again.

Oh my, y’all.

This little guy is still waiting for his family to find him.

His file is with Lifeline and will return to the shared list at the end of this week if a family does not come forward for him. I can speak personally of Lifeline. We LOVE them and consider them to be one of the very best adoption agencies out there.

Lifeline just received an update on Gus and he seems to be doing so well. They also received some videos of him walking. Hold on to your hearts, ladies… this little guy is too sweet for words.

Please help spread the word about Gus. He is one and his special need is dwarfism.

And he needs a mama and baba.



  1. oh, i love gus…
    i met gus this summer! precious baby boy… he needs a family.
    praying that his family finds him THIS WEEK!!!
    i am going to share your blog post!
    thanks for advocating, stefanie!

  2. We want Gus so badly, but we’ve only been married 18 months. It’s killing me! I pray someone comes forward for him soon.

  3. Too precious! I don’t know how he can walk in all of those layers!

  4. Praying for Gus!

  5. Oh what a sweetie! I wish we were in a place to start again! I have been working on my husband but he is just not there yet. Can’t believe he is still on the list.

  6. Can I just say that I have a friend that actually called about Gus and they can not be considered due to the fact they are LDS and Lifeline doesn’t consider them to be Christian. Which is about the most unChristian thing I have ever heard, shame on them. This family has two other adopted children that have dwarfism, he is a physician, she is a stay at home mother. They have a beautiful home, the money and most importantly the love to take care of this little boy in their very Christian home. Heartbreaking don’t you think?

    • What a precious boy, praying that he finds his forever family quickly. He is absolutely adorable.

    • Shasta, maybe he will be returned to the shared list and your friend can then bring him home. So sorry about the Christian distinction; I’ve heard the press say the same thing several times this year with two LDS candidates in the race. I will pray that they find their way to one another.

      • Ruby…God is in charge and as we all know He can move mountains, so I have faith that if little Gus is to be in their home, he will. It just surprises me that in 2012, we are STILL arguing over the fact that Mormons are Christian. I am LDS, and Christ is my Redeemer and my rock, therefore, I am Christian.

  7. Ok! I am soo pumped to here to talk about Lifeline! We foster our kids through a group called Elim. The couple that started this work for HIV kids in China was contacted by Lifeline. Lifeline wants to start getting these kids (HIV kids) flies out there as well as helping to raise awareness! SOOO I am PUMPED that you love them! That is who we will use when we adopt Lily! Your word is like gold in this area! :)
    Gus is MORE than adorable! I would take him in a second!

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