I was so very excited to get this back.

My most favorite piece of jewelry.

Heck, one of my most favorite thingsperiod.

But I was also incredibly nervous.

When I received the new charm for my necklace for my birthday last year, I knew it would include the name of our newest little bug, Miss Tallula. But I wasn’t quite sure if it should include Esther’s name as well.

I considered having a different necklace made just for Esther.

But I just couldn’t decide. So, I waited.

And waited.

But an answer did not come.

Finally, I was determined to just do it.

Order the charm, woman! How hard could it be?

But I still couldn’t decide.

So I asked my husband. Men think so simplistically. And that can be a huge breath of fresh air, especially when I’m all revved up into an over-analyzing ball of hairspray and hormones.

He simply said, “Yes. You wear that necklace everyday. You’re going to want Esther’s name on there, too.”

And so I did.

As soon as it arrived, I hurriedly unwrapped it.

And all my fears melted away. There wasn’t a hint of sadness.

Just joy.

Joy at having my children’s names, all of them, around my neck.



  1. Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE this. And so glad Esther’s name is on there too. :)

  3. That’s so precious. I’ve got a similar post in the works around here. I, too, like necklaces while we wait. I had pictures in pendants for Joel and had a Seth necklace made at Vintage Pearl. But you know, I never wore it. It came just days after we found out he died and I thought if I put it on, I may never take it off. Not that that would have been a bad thing or wrong to do. But still, I put it aside with his other things. I have a new necklace charm and need to get crackin’ on that post!

    I LOVE yours.

  4. This is beautiful for so many reasons…… LOVE!!!

    This is a piece I would never want to take off my neck.



  5. Beautiful!

  6. great choice Stefanie. You will never regret having her name there, but you may have regretted NOT having it there. Beautiful :)

  7. So beautiful. Glad you added her name. She IS there with you always. I love that Tallula’s name is right next to Esther’s.


  8. Smart man your husband, I like him, “he’ll do” (he’ll know just how strong a meaning that has – ask him – or you can just belive me!)

    glad that you did that – she should be there!

    hugs -aus and co.

  9. LOVE this!!!! Beautiful pics too!! :)

  10. Along thoes lines, did you forget to change your profile to say you are mama to twelve? I’m glad you got the charm also just because you never held her in your arms doesn’t mean you don’t hold her in your heart.

  11. Love it!

  12. Awesome! Look at all those names! It must just take your breath away to see them all there, together, and to know how much each means to you (and how very much you, their mama, mean to them)!

    I can so easily see how it will always be one of your favorite things!

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  13. So So beautiful:)

  14. Too precious for words! Have a Marvelous Weekend Stefanie!!

    PS…Just seeing the word Joy as your title put a huge smile on my face…cause that joy isn’t just some happy -go-lucky sort of thing….It’s the Amazing filling from the Holy Spirit!! THanks so much for being a beautiful testimony.

  15. I am just getting caught up on a couple months of your posts! So happy to see you are bringing home precious baby girl! You are such an inspiration!
    Love your necklace!

  16. That is a smart man you have there! Love it!

  17. It is beautiful and just perfect!

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