Sunday Snapshot: {Goodnight, Poppy}

I get asked questions occasionally.

And a common question is from parents struggling with nighttime issues with their newly adopted child. And lack of sleep.

And so I thought I’d share what works for us.

Because, although we’re not experts, we do have some experience.

For the first 4 months, Poppy slept in our bed.

Not necessarily our first choice, because Chris and I actually like to sleep.

But for us, co-sleeping those first months turned out to be one of the best decisions we made to help our kiddos feel safe at night. And happy.

And the happier they are at night, the happier they are during the day. Which is totally worth it, even if I’m dog tired.

Another choice we have made is to let our newest little one stay up later than our other kids.

For some one-on-one time with mama and baba.

Since our youngest is the only one to nap during the day, this works out perfectly.

And those few extra hours after everyone else is tucked in go a long way toward fostering attachment.

Now that Poppy is more settled and confident here at home, we’ve moved her to her own toddler bed next to our bed.

Within arm’s reach.

She’s sleeping great now, only waking up occasionally to make sure we’re still close.

And soon, she’ll be ready to move into her real room. With Vivienne.

In fact, if you ask Poppy, she’s ready now.

But I’m not quite sure she’s ready to give up her current routine.

And I’m not quite sure we’re ready, either.


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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. Love it such a sweet post. Our girl still sleeps in our room too in her toddler bed. I think it has helped so much with the bonding. And when college boy transfers in the fall, then we will move her to her own room…

  2. Cara also slept with us for the first 4 1/2 months, then moved to her toddler bed right next to Baba. We thought we would move her in with her sister at a year. I think she was ready, but we were not. :) She’s still in our room at 16 months home. Maybe she can move in with sis during summer vacation.

  3. probably the CUTEST post ever. Poppy looks so wonderfully happy and secure!!! We have that Zebra Pillow pet…my 13 year old step daughter is WILD about zebra and still has just enough kiddo left in her that she wanted a Pillow pet for Christmas as long as it was COOL.

    Poppy collecting kisses from sisters made me get all sniffly. She is SO LOVED. :)

    Tallula sure did hit the family jackpot!!!

  4. You are so amazing!!! Your kids are happy to have you!

  5. I love it! What a sweet post. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I see a sight that will be familiar to us soon. I see Vivi in her ‘boots and bar’. Soon, soon I will finally have my son home and we will be bringing him where I know you’ve brought your kiddos.

  6. She is such a beauty : )

  7. So, so adorable!

  8. This sounds like such a wonderful way to transition them!!!

    Gosh, I look at these pictures of Sweet Poppy and think about those first two weeks in China…….. She has certainly come a long way!!! She is beautiful and I love seeing her smiling happy face!

    Happy Sunday~



  9. She is growing up so fast. I have a friend did the family bed until their daughter was two. And it worked for them too!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! So very helpful. And Poppy does look so happy. What a treasure!

  11. How are all your girls so adorable! I just love the pictures of Poppy “helping” Vivi and kissing her sisters goodnight! She is such a doll!

  12. What a great way to ease your newest one into sleeping in her own bed, and giving some special bonding time. Thanks for posting this<3

  13. They are so precious! I think that is a great way to get them acclimated to all the changes that they are dealing with

  14. I’m a big believer in co-sleeping! My little one sleeps with us and has since she was born. In fact all my kids did. Just easier with nursing. My son slept with us until he was 6, my daughter was the one who removed herself, she’s happy in her own bed and only comes in occasionally, which is why, like you, we have the toddle rbed!

  15. Sue Mom of Two says:

    So sweet. Your girls are ALL just gorgeous!

  16. I’d call that brilliant bonding!!!!

  17. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

  18. I loooove this post! Thank you so much. We’ve been thinking about this and will probably still co-sleep when the two littles come home. :) Poppy looks amazing!

  19. Such a sweet post Stefanie!!! Lizzie was a good sleeper but I do so love snuggling with her when she gets in bed with us!

  20. Simply adorable… your FAMILY is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Super sweet photos! Love bedtime routines… so precious.

  22. Co-sleeping all the way! It works for us too. Li’l Miss was all over the bed (and still is when she occasionally needs that time with us). But so far Li’l Bit is much more quiet at night. Now if we could just get the 3 littles to stay up past 5 p.m. and sleep past 5 a.m. …. jet leg is ROUGH. :)

  23. If there were a photo contest for Most Precious Picture, the ones of Poppy kissing her big sisters good night would win, hands-down! So precious!

    Also, thanks for the great advice! I’ve got great plans for Little Miss Olivia when we finally get her home! :)

  24. love the name of your blog-very cute! I went on a mission trip to china one summer and fell in love with it and the people! I am now following!!

  25. This is awesome! Incredible pictures of your babies and super helpful and informative! When we get more kids in the future I will for sure consider doing it this way. The only thing is I don’t think I would SURVIVE with a kid in my bed. I can barely sleep with my husband! I do think that the bed in the same room is a great idea though. Along with the staying up later! All great ideas! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience!

  26. Ain’t nothin wrong with co-sleeping. We still do on occasion – and our youngest still prefers a “nest” on the floor of our room to a room of his own. We’re thinking this summer he can make that move for good!

    And as for giving up the ‘snuggle time’ every night – I see a Dad there who really doesn’t want to give that up – and if it’s not in they way of daily life – well – I just don’t see the harm in it!

    hugs – aus and co.

  27. All those photos are so sweet! I love hearing the progression/parenting in Poppy’s sleep.

  28. These photos are beautiful – they really show how much love there is in your precious family! So good to see Poppy so secure!

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