and… exhale.

We have travel dates.

April 8 – Arrive in Wuhan
April 9 – GOTCHA DAY
April 11 – Fly to Guangzhou
April 12 – Medical
April 14 – Medical/TB skin test read
April 16 – CA
April 17 – Get Visa
April 18 – Fly HOME

Can not wait to squeeze you, little one.



  1. Yay! So wonderful! Praying for you and your precious family!

  2. Yipppee! Praise God!!! Can’t wait to see you snugglin’ that little pumpkin!!!

  3. Oh YeaH!!! this good new brighten my rainy day!!!! I want to squeeze her too!!!! Tallula is one adorable and blessed little girl.

  4. What a wonderful Easter gift!

  5. Soooo excited for you!

  6. wow! a 10 day trip!!! that is sweet (nice and short!) and in april– the weather’s going to be gorgeous!!!!

  7. Woohoo!!! Praising for one answered prayer and starting a new prayer for safe travel, smooth adjustment, and happy days!

  8. WOW. She is deeply huggable! What a way to celebrate Easter! Praying your trip is beautiful!-Valerie

  9. Congratulations! She is just so sweet. Prayers for safe travels and easy adjustments.

  10. Angie D. says:

    So excited you have definite dates! Congrats and Godspeed!

  11. so VERY happy for you!

  12. Oh my word!! You are leaving soon! Congrats to you all Stef!
    Seeing that sweet face made me smile!!


  13. If you happen to have Christine as your guide in Wuhan, she is awesome and her driver is fun even though he speaks absolutely no english!!!

  14. Yay!!!! Doing the “happy dance” for you !!!!!

  15. Only ten days? So happy for you. And she’ll be in your arms so soon!

  16. Great great news!!! I’m so happy for your family and that precious little girl!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

  17. Laura Ruth says:

    The six-leaf clover worked! Oh, I am SO EXCITED! Can’t WAIT!

  18. Wonderful news, praying for a blessed trip!

  19. Great news! Congratulations!! <3

  20. Awesome news Stef!!! Can’t wait to see her in your arms!! Praying for a safe trip for you!! :)

  21. We have the same CA date, but I’m not sure yet when we arrive in GZ. See you in there:)

  22. Dalton must be so excited. You’ll be in my prayers.

  23. FINALLY! YEAH!!!

    Saw your ? on RQ. We always stay in China Hotel and like it a lot. Only 10-minute taxi ride to island. Never stayed anywhere else in GUZ though to compare to.

  24. YAY!! So JOYFUL for your family! Definitely a WONDERFUL Easter gift! Celebrating with you and anxious and excited to follow along!

  25. YEAH! Got it on the calendar and I’ll be praying!

  26. Congratulations on being one step closer!

  27. maggie kessler says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and realized that we will both be in Guangzhou at the same time. Who knows maybe we will run into each other while there. Have a smooth trip. M

  28. Wow….this is so exciting! Congratulations!!! I cannot wait to see that precious little girl in the arms of her awesome Momma!

  29. Awesome news…so very exciting!

  30. o my goodness that is so exciting!! congrats!!

  31. wow! that seems like a quick trip for china!

  32. Congratulations!

  33. Congratulations! Tellula will be in your arms soon….SOON!!!

  34. So happy for you all! She certainly looks squishy in all those layers!

  35. I am soooo excited for all of you. It’s just around the corner now! Will be praying you there and back and can’t wait to see her in your arms – forever! Sure wish I was getting ready to go to China to bring another one home. My heart aches to go there again. So happy for you! xo

  36. Carrie Allen says:

    Great news. Excited for your family and the newest little addition.

  37. Great news! Is Dalton getting excited?

  38. Apparently that 6-leaf clover worked…. So happy for you!!!

  39. Jenny W. says:

    Congratulations. Can’t come soon enough. Those cheeks need some serious squeezing’.

    Have a wonderful and blessed trip to your little beauty.

  40. Congratulations! Safe Travels!

  41. Congratulations! So happy for your family!!!

  42. Best news I’ve heard all day! Congrats on being one major step closer to Miss Tallula! Won’t be long now.

  43. Campbell says:

    So thrilling!! That little one has won the family lottery!! I so look forward to following your journey!! God Bless!!

  44. Yeah God. TA was the best two letters I heard. We are still in Lanzhou and our little girl is slowly revealing herself to us each day. Praying your precious one will feel safe and loved in your arms.

  45. Congratulations!! Kind of bummed I don’t get to meet you there though! Our CA is April 3 and we are returning April 6th with our new little edition. So happy you got in before the huge trade fair (at least most of it.)

  46. i am so so excited for you, sister!!!! can’t wait to follow along. yes, exhale…

  47. So 6 leaf clovers do bring travel dates…:)


  48. Super exciting news! She is so adorable. Good luck as you make the final preparations.
    We are just a couple of weeks behind you- still waiting for TA. I think I will go out in my yard and search for a 6 leaf clover!

  49. YAY!!!!!! I can not wait to see that little luv in your arms.. (Are you going..?) I am totally out of the loop!!!!!!

    What an Easter blessing to land in her province on Easter Sunday!!!!! Perfect!


  50. HOORAH – those six leaf clover are REALLY GOOD!!

    Saw the comment about hotels – I don’t “do” RQ – we really liked the Victory on the island – better than the WS (closed right now anyway) – Great breakfast at the Victory!

    So looking forward to following you guys in country!!

    hugs – and a little snoopy dance –

    aus and co.

  51. YAY!!!! SO happy to see the wonderful news!! This definitely put a big ole smile on my face!!!

    Gosh, she just takes your breath away!! What a beautiful little girl.



  52. Scoot over, Americans….we’re getting one more precious little one on our couch!
    So happy for all of you!


  53. “Ni-haw!” (as my Chinese meets the south little gal would say).

    So happy that you finally have dates. And I can hardly believe that you will be in GZ at the same time as one of my long time friends ~ who just happens to be next door neighbors with the family that is adopting Julia from AOW. Wish I was a stowe away on this trip!

    Blessings to you!

  54. Sweet! April 10 was our gotcha day in Wuhan –in 2006! Be prepared for any sort of weather—we started with HEAT–wore capri’s and sandals…..2 days later the temps dropped unexpectedly into the upper 40’s/low 50’s and we were freezing!

  55. She is just beautiful! So happy for you and how God has designed you and is sustaining you to be Mommy to many blessings!

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