the girl in blue

Word on the street around here this afternoon was that Poppy had drawn on her lips.

With what? was the first question that entered my mind.

Fear Curiosity forced me to get up straight away and see what the little trouble-maker was up to.

And sure enough, the tip I’d gotten just moments earlier turned out to be true.

While not the best color for her complexion…

the midnight blue marker she chose was, at least, washable.

And, on her, surprisingly cute.



  1. OMGoodness! Presh! Even midnight blue is adorable on her!

  2. well and it matches her PJs!!! the girl knows how to coordinate!

  3. Campbell says:

    She chose a color that matched her PJ’s at least!! After an unfortunate incident with my step son coloring with markers when he was very small and not realizing that the marker that he had to get a step stool out and climb up on top of the counter to get, with the aid of his big sister *ahem* little STINKER…was not for coloring, or hand/face doodling, I banned all markers and made our house a crayons ONLY house. Took me much longer than he liked to get that marker off his face. Even now, the child is nearly 10 and I STILL don’t allow him to use markers. I have a looooong memory.


    Poppy sure is a cute little munchkin!!! Even with marker on her face!!! Perhaps she’ll go to work for MAC cosmetics one day? 😉

  4. Huh, blue lips? What blue lips? 😉 She looks quite beautiful with those precious lips. 😉

  5. Only your beautiful Poppy could look so stylish with blue lips!

  6. Well, at least she coordinated her lips with her outfit!

    To my surprise, my Madeline has only done this once since coming home. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t done it more. lol.

  7. Girl has style :) Love that she matched it to her pj’s LOL:)

  8. Looks good to me – and I wouldn’t have bothered to wash it either! 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  9. This is why we don’t have markers around here. Crayons only.

    But she is very cute. And she choosed the blue marker, to match with her pijamas. :))

  10. Aw, a little self-expression and individualization is a good thing. And it’s a bonus when it’s washable! LOL She’s just too cute!!

  11. What a {blue-lipped} cutie-pie! :)

  12. I love that your first instinct is to take a picture and post it to your blog! Good job mamma!

    Poppy could start a new trend…blue lipstick!

  13. Too true!

  14. This child just melts my heart!!!!

  15. she already knows how to match her makeup to her wardrobe…got to give her props for that!

  16. Word on the street…..bahaha.

  17. What a total crack up! And it takes a truly-beautiful girl to pull off that shade of blue.

  18. such a lovely series of her

  19. Its funny how quickly little girls pick up the “lipstick” thing!!

  20. Superbes photos!!
    ✰✰✰ Laure ✰✰✰

  21. Kate is peeking over my shoulder saying “Awwww…she is so adorable!” Kate LOVES that her name is Poppy and thought that blue was from cotton candy!!!! I told her it was marker and she said, “Well, Mama she is just a cute baby, she doesn’t know not to do that.”

    • NiHaoYall says:

      That Kate is a smart girl! I agree wholeheartedly… there was no way I could get upset with Poppy 😉

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