Tallula. by Dalton

Today was the medical exam.

So Dalton was the picture guy.

And for today, he’s also the words guy, too.



by Dalton

Tallula is at it again.

Her silliness.

Her sweetness.

And, of course, her cuteness.

She is very easy going.

Also very agreeable.

Now this place…

Very busy.

Driving is VERY crazy.

But Tallula loves it.

So I do, too.



  1. Kathleen says:

    Good Job Dalton! Looks like little Miss Funny Girl, is making her way through the hoops to home without a wrinkle!! She’s adorable and I can’t help but think you’ll be calling her “little Miss Trouble” real soon (in a good way) !!! How are the home babies doing this time around? Enjoy your travels!

  2. Sue Mom of Two says:

    Over the past years almost every picture I have seen of children at the medical exam, they at least look very fearful, or screaming. Not Miss Tallula, however. She is just soaking up every single experience, and seems to be enjoying every one as well. She is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to see her playing with the rest of the family when you get back home.

  3. Ya know Dalton – I believe that you do!!

    And as for the travel day to GZ – glad that you have shelter from the world – glad that you are at the Victory (liked it best of where we’ve stayed in GZ!) – sorry about the phone (dang – I get that) – but mostly glad that you have T!

    hugs – prayers – great stuff here!

    aus and co.

  4. Wow, Dalton the photographer and blogger! Great post!

  5. Great post, Dalton!!!

  6. Perfect post, Dalton! Hugs to you all~

  7. Xi Yang Yang….I recognize that toy….we have one here that is most beloved! :)

    Well done, Dalton!

    Have I mentioned that Tallulah is just gorgeous……and always smiling, huh? Such a good start- praying the easy-goingness continues!!! :)

  8. Dalton, I enjoyed reading your post. The pictures you took of Tallulah and your mom turned out great! :-)

  9. I’ve been following your posts since Poppy. What a beautiful family you have! Tallula is absolutely adorable! Your posts bring back so many memories of being in China with my two girls. God bless your family!!!

  10. Great post Dalton!! You have a way with words AND pictures :)

  11. Can’t get enough of Tallula right now…so sweet! Dalton, great pictures! Her expressions!…so cute…and funny!

  12. Awesome post Dalton and great pics too! Way to go! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  13. Dalton, what an awesome big brother you are. I wish my girls had a big brother to love on them…and to take pictures!! Miss T is awesome…so much joy in her expressions. Such a gift!!

  14. Oh my goodness!!! I am so smitten with Tallula!!!! She is darling an made even more darling by Dalton’s sweet commentary!!!

  15. Dalton,
    I think Tallula may have the most precious GeGe ever!!!! She is going to depend on you to show her the ropes FOREVER!!!! What a blessing that is for both of you!!!! Great pictures too!!! Your Mama is sooooo blessed to have you watching out for her this week! Enjoy Shamian Island!

    Blessings from MN,

  16. So precious. What a sweet boy. Nice job Dalton. :)

  17. Dalton, you got some fantastic pictures of your mom and Tallula! She is lucky to have such a great big brother!

  18. Great Job, Dalton!

    It is so obvious from all of the pictures that you love your little sister VERY much. She is blessed to have you.

  19. Dalton you are quite the writer and photographer! You’ve got some of your Momma’s skillz!

    So happy you are getting to experience China, where your younger brothers and sisters were born! That is very special!

    Tell your Momma that she is GLOWING! :)

  20. Dalton, your pictures are fantastic! I love the one of Tallula with the BIG smile on her face. Any child that can go through that and smile so big, is pretty special (or has a pretty special big brother making her laugh so much). I’m glad you are enjoying China! Have another great day ad keep taking those wonderful pictures. Your mom will be so glad she has them!

  21. Dalton, you did a fabulous job blogging! My favorite photo is the one where she has one shoe off! Great capture by you! My favorite line you wrote was the last one…what a fantastic brother you are! Can I hire you to babysit?

  22. I love this post by Dalton! The pictures are amazing! T is gorgeous… so so so cute!

  23. Love your snapshots and story telling Dalton. You sound like a fabulous big brother. So excited that you and Tallula will always have the blessing of sharing these incredible memories and experiences.

  24. LOVE the big smiley picture with one shoe!!!! Great pictures and commentary!

  25. Dalton you did an awesome job!!! Great pics and commentary!!!

  26. Maybe it’s time for Dalton to have his own blog! Great Job!!

  27. Great work Dalton! You captured the day perfectly!

    On a separate note – Tallulah looks like she’s got incredibly thick hair! How cool is that?!

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