Tallula: day 3

We’ve arrived in Guangzhou.

But not without incident.

We are safe and sound…

but my iPhone had a most unfortunate incident with a leaky cup of apple juice.

Then, upon arrival at our hotel in Guangzhou, we were told that we did have a reservation…

but it was for a different Victory hotel.

In a different city.

Thankfully it’s all being worked out as we speak.

And they were able to find a room for us here.

But, let’s just say, I’m wishing my husband were here with me about now.

Yes. I am a wiener.

I’m blaming it on fatigue. And general wimpishness.

Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.

And I know that God goes before me, every step of the way.

The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
~ Deuteronomy 31:8

P.S. Will post the Sunday Snapshot fave as soon as I can catch my breath.



  1. But oh my goodness look at those smiles! I hope these are the biggest hurdles you face and the rest of your travels are smooth. (Believe me, I sympathize, though. I would be a big old puddle of mess if my reservations were mixed up stateside much less across the ocean.)

  2. Oh, what a day! I completely understand. For those of us who live here in China, we have a name for those days when things are not going right. When you know something is possible to be accomplished, but you just don’t know HOW. Or when something happened, and you just don’t understand WHY. Those TIC (This Is China) days and moments can get you down, but hang in there. Praying that tomorrow will be just a normal, average day with no sign of TIC.


  3. That girl is ALL SMILES!! I’ve never seen anything like it. She made me smile on this chilly Wednesday morning. Tell her thanks for sharing her happiness. Hang in there…you’re, what, about half way through?

  4. Bless your heart and praying a good night’s sleep will make a world of difference. I have thought all along how strong you are do this without your husband. Great truth you shared it key!!! God is right there with you going before and taking care of everything. Lean on Him and you will be fine. Blessings and love! Sharon

  5. She couldn’t be cuter. Love the pics with big brother. They look darling together. I bet they will always have a special bond. Sorry about your troubles. It’s so hard when you are in another country and there is a snag like that. YOU CAN DO it with the grace of God. God Bless. Look how many people are pulling for you. :)
    I just brought home a 5 year old from India, and I went all by myself to India. I know exactly what you are feeling.
    I swore I was done, because it’s so hard, and I can’t afford it, you make me want to adopt from China special needs, if only I could win the lotto. :) Take care.

  6. I mean really? Could she get more dreamy with every post? She’s GOR. GE. OUS!
    and oh yea cause I got really side tracked by those images… so hoping the hotel stuff gets worked out quickly.


  7. Dear Stefanie,
    You’re gonna make it! God is with you…He is! Praying all of you home. :) You’re no wimp…you’re a wonderful momma whom God has equipped and empowered to bring her baby home. Prayerful for some rest, something good to eat, snuggle time with Tallula, a good movie with Dalton and some skype time with your hubby.

    ~Those pictures are killer!!! How are you standing the cuteness…of both of them?? :)


  8. Oh my goodness! She is just TOO cute. I can’t stand it! Can’t wait to see the next photos of her!

  9. Glad they were able to find you a room & more importantly, that Dalton & Tallula are fairing well.

  10. Sorry you experienced some bumps. BUT the kids look happy and healthy so all is good.

  11. remember, you will laugh about this when you aren’t tired! your pictures say everything… everyone is HAPPY!
    She is precious & so much smaller than her previous pictures…

  12. Get some dry rice and put your IPhone in it, it might save it! Tallula is adorable. If you have free time go to the Chimelong International Circus there in GZ—Dalton would LOVE it. My big kids said it was the best thing they EVER did in China. I bet Tallula would love it too. It’s not “circus” like you think! Hope you are sleeping in your newly assigned hotel room by now. Blessings on your journey!

  13. Lovin that beautiful smile.

  14. Oh my! She just keeps gettin cuter each day!!

  15. her smile makes me grin so big……she is a hunny no doubt. i noticed that you have the village church on your sidebar….LOVE the village church! my son lives in dallas and he is a member there!

  16. Sounds tough..and exhausting! Hang in there!

    So fill me in…how did you get to Guangzhou so quickly? Are they not requiring 5ish days in province? That’s pretty sweet when you you’ve done this trip so many times and just need to get back home.

  17. Nicole A. says:

    Hang in there! At least lil miss T seems to be taking it all in stride (well, based on the super-cute, does-she-do-anything-besides-smile photos!) Be careful who you show that last photo to, or she might end up with a casting agent before she even gets home! Just kidding, but seriously, she is one cute kid and very photogenic. Looks like she really owns her cuteness, too!

    I hope all is going well with attachment & bonding!

    Praying for an easy, fun, trouble-free stay in GZ.

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  18. You are doing great!!! One day at a time:) So much fun seeing you new little angel!

  19. Oh No! I can’t believe how many times you’ve been WITHOUT your hubby! Even though I’m the “loud” one in our family, him just being there to calm me down would be necessary!
    Thank goodness you have sweet D, and that Ms. T seems to be doing so very well!
    We will pray EXTRA hard today for you and for the rest of your trip to go smoothly. Hopefully you will get to skype your sweet babes at home and all will be good again in the world.
    Side note: I saw someone mention Village Church…Even though we live in NC, we have seen Matt Chandler at conferences and LOVE LOVE LOVE him. I asked my husband if we could move to TX just to go to his church.

  20. Not seeing any “weinerishness” in you anywhere! Just the Lords strength. Bless you Stephanie, and bless those beautiful children of yours! Goodness, love looking at pics of Tallula, she is just gorgeous! Continued prayers over here for you.

  21. OK, first off, you are NOT a wiener! PLEASE girl! You are IN CHINA by yourself with two children. You are super woman. Repeat this is necessary.

    Second off, {{{{{big hugs}}}}}.

    You are a day closer to home every morning you awake. Focus on the prize my friend!

  22. Oh no Stefanie! I hope that is the only hiccup along this journey for you. May I ask if Tallula is doing well health wise? I noticed that you made it to GZ much faster then normal. I am only asking to add her to my prayers if they are needed. Get some rest!

  23. She is a cutie! Such delicate features and soft cheery face. How can you stand it?! You have another cute kiddo!

  24. Wow! She is cute!!

  25. She could not possibly be any cuter!!!! Oh my goodness, just look at those happy little eyes and pinchable cheeks!!!! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some struggles, but I’m sure a few hugs, kisses and a few batting of T’s lashes can take all of those memories away!!

  26. Cute!!!!

  27. Wiener is SO…. NOT…. the word I would use to describe you! You are a fierce, brave, momma extrodinaire. And I just got back home from where you are less than 3 months ago….and the thought of doing it without my man wrecks my nerves! Prayers going up for you and that sweet boy (who looks to be the same age as mine..and similarly handsome) and that bundle of cheeks…muoah!

  28. Stephanie,

    You are an amazing woman and your little blessing just radiates beauty and happiness. Hope you had a good sleep and feel refreshed! Enjoy this special time bonding with Tallulah and your son!

    Marla in Illinois

  29. I seriously do not think I have ever seen a little girl being so smiley on her adoption trip! WOW! We had to drag the smiles out of my cutie 6 years ago, so it’s a true miracle to watch Tallula being so happy with you from day one!

    Prayers for continued good luck on your trip (despite the iPhone demise) and can’t wait to see ALL of your little ones together soon!

  30. She is SO cute!!!! Looks like a spitfire :)

  31. Is she smiling all the time!?? :) Have all your adopted kids been as happy at first? :)

  32. Sweet, sweet girl! And how did you get to GZ so fast??

  33. I am glad it’s all getting sorted out – and remember the biggest adventures are full of lots of small adventures! Tallula looks like she is going to be so much fun!!

  34. Looks like Miss Tallula doesn’t have a clue of all the chaos around her :) I just can’t get enough of seeing her! Hang in there. We’ll be praying for smoother days.

  35. Angie D. says:

    The pics of Tallula just get cuter and cuter! And that smile! It’ precious! Dalton looks like a very proud big brother! Sorry you’re having phone and hotel issues! I hope and pray you all get some rest and find yourselves renewed in the morning!

  36. YOU ARE AWESOME! And your son and daughter look like they are getting along beautifully. Enjoy.

  37. the Lord is my Shepherd…I will fear no evil for You are with me

    goodness, seeing T’s big smiles is such a drastic difference from when you met sweet little P! you never really know what’s coming, huh?!

  38. Whimp is NEVER a word your readers would use to describe you.
    We will keep praying for all the details of the trip and Miss T’s journey home.
    The photos are those giant SMILES are melting hearts around the world!
    Love & Blessings,

  39. Ummm…wimp? No way, girl! It’s a tough journey and you are doing well! Especially with jetlag. Tallula is adorable!! On my word…those sweet smiles!! Get some rest and Starbucks and you’ll be good to go. :)

  40. i think she’s the happiest baby i’ve ever seen! these pictures are totally making me want to start the paperwork for #2! stop making it look so easy and post some pictures of her throwing a tantrum! ha! praying for a more peaceful day tomorrow!

  41. Lori McMurphy says:

    What a happy-go-lucky girl you have! I’m just so impressed at how well she has adapted to you ‘white’ people. She must’ve been very loved and well prepared by her foster family. She’s gonna fit right in!

  42. First of all, Dalton is an AMAZING big brother! They look like they have been together FOREVER! Talulla is so stinkin CUTE and HAPPY! She seems to just roll along with all the changes and smile while she rolls! Now you my dear are no where near being a wimp….you are a super stong lady! I did 1/2 the trip alone the first time and alone the 2nd time. It relaly is a tough trip if all goes well so snags and issues are tough! Hang in there, you’ll be home with the whole bunch before you know it! Have some Starbucks soon if you have not already! You sure got to GZ quick! Hope you are all getting some rest and enjoy the Island! My favorite part of the trip! Continued prayers for you and your amazing family! Hugs!

  43. Campbell says:

    Just seeing that sweet and genuine little smile that lights her up from the inside out shows just how loved she has been in her life, how open her little heart is, how able she is to receive and give love in return. What a wonderful wonderful blessing. She is so beautiful and she will fit in so beautifully with all her brothers and sisters. Praying for you all every second. May God bless and keep your through every moment. :)

  44. That girl just positively shined! Praying for a smooth & restful day in Guangzhou!

  45. She is so, so, so CUTE! I am so sorry about your iPhone. That is no good at all. I’m even more sorry about your reservation fiasco. Oh my goodness! I’d be missing my husband too! Praying you have had a restful night, and that your day is filled with positive experiences.

  46. She’s beautiful. She looks just like my little sister, Abbie, in the last picture. Abbie is from Feixi. Sorry to hear about your iPhone!

  47. Oh mama! You’re a super hero! Tallula is so beautiful! I could stare at her all day!

  48. Just got a chance to catch up on how things have been going. My, she looks like a little bombshell of fun. :) And I mean that in the best and cutest way possible! She is absolutely full of life it looks like. Praying things continue to go well for you guys. I can’t imagine how frustrating that hotel business was. Loving the pictures! :)

  49. Hey Girl!!!!! You are not a “wiener” at all!!!! You are a PRO at this!!! The great news you are in GZ!!!! I can’t believe the Victory did not roll out the red carpet when they saw you!!! That is one hotel in China that should take great care of you!!!! Hopefully, you have a great room!! I have to say that precious son of yours just makes me smile with his new sister!!!! He looks like he is doing awesome too!!! I am so glad you have such precious travel companions for this trip!! She is amazing!!!! And, very photogenic which is a big bonus when her Mama is gifted behind the camera!!!

    I hope the sun is shining in GZ!! A blog friend of mine is in GZ now too with her first adoption. I hope you too run into each other! I will email you!

    Hugs from MN! I can’t wait to see more pics soon!


  50. What a face! Oh my, she’s wonderful!

    Wiener and wimpy? What’s God showing you in all this? Please don’t call yourself names your Father wouldn’t call you, okay?:)

    Lots of LOVE in those above words, I promise. Thank you for sharing your life, your love!

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