Tallula: day 5

Today was a free day.

So Dalton and I ventured out to the mall, which turned out to be quite the adventure.

But that’s not the best part.

And for today, I’d rather just skip to the best part.

The best part was later in the day, after we’d returned to the island.

The afternoon rain shower had passed through and we had some time to venture out on foot…

stretch our legs and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Wanted to join in on Favorite Photo Friday with these, my most favorite photos.

For today.

For more favorites visit my friend Lisa’s blog, The Long Road to China and Back.



  1. every day, i think she can’t possibly get any sweeter and cuter, and you are just blowing me away with these pictures! congratulations, she’s a darling!!

  2. and what a bond these two will have… an extra blessing, huh?

  3. that tree looks like such a perfect spot for photos!

  4. What a precious girl!!! Love them all but especially the last one.
    I’ve really enjoyed all your posts from China, Stefanie!


  5. My Oh My! Her smile is too precious, She always make me smile!

  6. Kennedy and I are oooing and aaahing over these pictures! LOVE!

  7. She is so stinking sweet!!!

    I love all the hair pretties (bows, flowers, clips, etc) your girls (including sunshiny Tallula) wear. Do you have a favorite place to buy hair accessories for your girls??

    Blessings :)

  8. She is truly a little ray of sunshine. I love to see how comfortable she is with Dalton too–what a wonderful experience for him. Continue having a great time. I am truly enjoying following along and watching this little beauty continue to blossom!

  9. wow these are really lovely, stefanie!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! If I didn’t know better you would think Tallula had been in the family forever instead of just 5 days. I can’t wait to hear and see pictures of her with all her other siblings!

  11. She is so beautiful. I can’t stand it!

  12. I love that smile of hers. I can’t get enough of it!

  13. Meaklims says:

    That second photo, it’s SO incredible I can’t stop staring at it!
    Love reading your story and watching this love unfold.

  14. I didn’t think it was possible, but Tallula truly gets more beautiful every single day!! And what a handsome son….I wish my hubby would go back again!! I’ve been praying and there are so many children, but not sure it is ever gonna happen. I’m envious.

  15. You are such a tease! Can’t wait to see the next post and set of pics of your gorgeous girl and guy!

  16. Rockin the camera, eh? All great but love the first photo.

  17. Nicole A. says:

    There are just no words for how cute that girlie of yours is! Such beautiful pictures! What a blessing that Dalton can be there with you, helping out and bonding with your new little firecracker ~ so sweet!

    Thanks so very much for sharing your journey!

    All the best,
    Nicole A., now in LA

  18. Those first two photos are stunning (after I noticed the beautiful subjects, I noticed your composition and leading lines my friend!)!!!

    That Tallula is something else. She just seems like she is SO MUCH FUN! And Dalton does seem to be a big help. You all amaze me Stef. Really, I am in awe.

  19. Having so much fun enjoying all your photos! :)

  20. Precious pictures! They are just TOO cute together!!!

  21. They are just too cute, and too sweet. And I just love that baby. What a sweety.

  22. Free days with smiles like that are the BEST!!!! Your girl is a doll baby!!!!!

  23. She is just so amazing. We are so happy things are going so well for y’all! Yippee!


  24. We have loved seeing Talulla’s sweet expressions! What a JOY! My oldest, Katie Lyn, said “Mrs. Stefanie just goes to China, finds a great spot,and takes pictures like it’s no big deal!” :) It made me giggle….

  25. oh how her name fits her. a bundle of “abundant” joy! so happy for you all. love & blessings, kim

  26. Stefanie,
    She is just adorable. I am amazed at how happy she is. What an incredible blessing that must be for you!! That smile is so so cute. The third photo in this post where she is looking out at the river is priceless.

  27. Just love the island! As for the kids – perfect!

    hugs – aus and co.

  28. She just fits her name perfectly! What a blessing to add to all your blessings at home!!
    So happy for your family!

  29. Just have to say that she is so very cute. And she looks like she is attaching SO well!

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