Tallula: day 6

Today we were up and at ’em early.

It was the day for Tallula’s TB test to be read.

Thankfully, all was well.

By 11:30 we were back to the hotel and Lil’ Miss Thang really needed to catch up on some zzzz’s.

So it was an early Cup O’ Noodles for her.

And then nap time.

And boy, did she ever nap.

Time enough for me to do a theraputic load of laundry…

for to watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer…

and some bad – really bad – movies.

Finally the princess awoke from her slumber.

And with a 3+ hour nap under her belt, she was in quite the mood.

We went for an early dinner.

Then a bit of shopping and a stroll around the island.

I had hoped to get a few more pictures, but a premature return to the room was in order.

Evidently Tallula, unbeknownst to me, needed to use the facilities.

Promptly after I took this picture – and in front of at least a dozen already curious onlookers – she squatted and peed.

In her pants. Down her legs. On the ground.

I see more laundry in my immediate future.



  1. She is sooooo beautiful! Oh so happy all is going well…despite laundry in a hotel room!!!!

  2. Lol, too funny!! My DD always pees outside on things/ in her pants when she was potty training.

  3. She is an absolute doll. So cute!

    As for the squatting, we had the same thing happen with Andrew. We didn’t know what else to do but laugh. We still tell that story and of course Andrew thinks he is pretty funny for it.

  4. Hilarious! This girl just melts my heart! When do you get home again?

  5. This just makes me smile. I know you may not have seen it that way at the time! But goodness, you may be in trouble. She’s so darn cute, it’d be hard for me to be upset at her ever! lol!
    Much love~

  6. She is so precious! And I hope she gets the warning of an oncoming pee down pat!

  7. Stef,

    I can hardly stand how cute she is!!!!! It kinds makes my heart ache. I cannot count how many of your China trips I have followed (A LOT!) and every one is special. Everyone stirs something in my heart. But this lil Tallula!!!! She has a hold on my heart that I cannot describe. I cannot wait to see her lil face everyday and read what shenanigans she is up to. Sorry about the pee pee but it seems almost endearing from my house (I did not have to clean her up;)

    LOVE the photo on the steps. It is perfection. I also LOVE how Tallula is the same size as the little statues:)


  8. Such beautiful pictures… and memories being made. Even if that includes squatting in the middle of the square.

  9. Love the part about her squatting and peeing. After living four years in China this was a normal scene. She is use to the split pants they always have their kids wear.
    She is a cutie and looks like she is so full of life. Love looking at the pictures.

  10. Okay, you said Island and now I am all excited because I am so in love with the beach and so completely landlocked and I’m wondering if you could take us on a trip to the beach. A beach in China?! Wow…….I’m weak in the knees just thinking about it :)

  11. So loving following along….but just had to give a shout out to the ‘DogWhisperer’ comments. One of my major fav shows!

  12. meredith says:

    I’ve loved your kiddos from afar for awhile now, but this one…Well, I can’t get enough of her! Can’t wait to see what she does next! What a blessing!

  13. I can just see it right there on Shaiman. CRACKING UP at your expense of course, not sweet Tallula’s.

    And really, could she be any more precious?!

    No, she could not!

    On the movies, we actually watched a movie one night about Giant Man-Eating Crocodiles. It was so bad but realistic enough to give several us nightmares for weeks. If it comes on, I don’t recommend it. :)

  14. oh my… just wanna squeeze her cheeks

  15. Campbell says:

    maybe some pull ups would help until y’all understand each other better? I think she must have been used to the split pants!! She sure is a cute little munchkin!! It’s so wonderful to see her smiling and happy!!!

  16. Hey Stephanie, Your little cutie is the best! :) Both of our little Hubei Honeys came to us mostly potty trained. I was at a loss with Sophie but did better with Bella two years later. One thing that seemed to help was when she would start to potty (either on the potty or elsewhere), I would say potty and do the sign for it (thumb tucked between first and second fingers in a loose fist and then shake it). She pretty quickly learned to sign it…which SOMETIMES gave me time to get her to a potty or a sink or something! 😉 She looks like such a happy little thing, much like my Bella who just overflows with joy and always has.

  17. I just love how perfectly she fits among the statues. What a doll! : ) I am glad she had a good sleep. I love everything about her. Especially her smile. So happy for your family!

  18. Have loved following along with your trip and this lil’ one is too precious for words. LOL that LWB (Amy Eldridge) just did an update in her series about what to expect during your adoption trip and it was about potty training. I know you have plenty of experience under your belt from what to expect from China but one thing that I found interesting was that because of the split pants that many children who are ‘potty trained’ know when they have to go but don’t truly know how to hold it. Because they are used to feeling the sensation of having to go and then getting to immediately ‘go’ they don’t often learn like their western counterparts the feeling of ‘oh, I may have to go in just a little bit’. I never had quite thought about it that way. I have a sense you knew that already but having only 1 lil’ dumpling from China I enjoy learning as much as I can.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  19. I just had to laugh, because that has happened so many times with kiddos here. Just last week… actually. There’s is something amazingly precious about it, though.

  20. :0) Wow! Tallula is such a cutie pie! (even though she pee’d in public!) As always absolutely stunning pics!

  21. And I’ll bet when she sleeps – she sleeps hard!!!!!!

  22. Just brilliant – as was your SS – I feel soooo Blessed to be following along!

    hugs – aus and co.

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