Tallula: the rest of day 4

I so want to be able to sit down and write all there is to share about this little whirlwind.

But, for now, I can barely manage the pictures and a few words.

She continues to amaze me with her all-day smiles and easy-going attitude.

Even when I have to tell her no – to electrical outlets, jumping off the bed and trying to pull over hot noodles – she recovers quickly.

A quick lay down on the floor to show her displeasure – and she may take off a shoe or two – but then she’s smiling again, ready to play.

And play.

And play.

And play.

Dalton has been a huge blessing this trip.

He is already a rather energetic child.

And with all the Cokes he’s been drinking – sodas are limited to weekends at home – he’s about the perfect play partner for her.

And as for me?

I’m pretty much the perfect eating partner for her.

Because when this girl isn’t playing, talking or sleeping, she’s eating.

Anything that Dalton or I are eating, she must eat. But rice and meat are her favorites.

She is potty trained, too. I’m trying to stick with it – she tries so hard to let me know when she has to go – but let’s just say, we’ve had a few errors in communication.

She seriously makes me feel like a big dummy because I know she’s telling me all I need to know… it’s just in Chinese.

Thankfully, Tallula is also very forgiving.

We are falling in every way for this little ray of sunshine.



  1. so. stinkin. cute.

  2. I can’t even tell you how precious she is and Dalton and You!!! What a threesome! LOVE seeing every single photo and read every word. Blessings and love!!!

  3. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful and so engaging! Can’t wait to hear more when you’re better rested and have more time to share…whenever that happens. :)

  4. Such great news to hear all is going well.

    Our boy was trained when we got him as well. We used the words (I am going to phonetically spell them) for number 1 sha bien and for number 2 da bien. They really mean big job and little job..hee hee. Good luck

  5. What fun! She is going to hit the ground running when y’all get home. I have enjoyed following along. It takes me back to this time last year when we were there. Enjoy the new day!

  6. What an amazing child. Just amazing. I wish my 5 year old were that forgiving when told no. :) :) :) What a blessing. I guess number 12 needs to be go with the flow. :)

  7. Though her own person I see a little Esther in her. Precious!!!!!

  8. Lisa, another Wuhan mom says:

    Thrilled for you all! She’s just beautiful and Dalton is a very good big bro!

  9. Im so happy for your family. She is precious!!!

  10. I LOVE your little whirlwind!!!!

  11. Wow! What a sweetie your little Tallulah is! Glad it is going SO well!!

    One thing I wish I’d thought to do during our China trip was take a quick video of myself each night sharing about the day, my interactions with Hannah, what she’d done, etc. It would have been a treasure to have now just as a keepsake as I’ve forgotten so much. Hope this helps.

  12. goodness she is cute!

  13. Stefanie,

    I don’t know how you do it all! You make these trips look (dare I say) easy.

    Wishing you and Tallulah (LOVE her name and it seems to fit her so well) and Dalton and wonderful trip. It is obvious she belongs with you!

  14. Such a blessing and so cute!! She seems to be the opposite of Poppy- who took her time trusting and smiling (yet still incredibly adorable)!

    Both such blessings! Love seeing Dalton with the cokes! Yikes!!

    God BLESS the Momma! You are doing a great job!!

  15. Seriously, could she BE any cuter?!!! Man that kiddo makes me grin. Glad your trip is going well, hugs to all.

  16. Perfect – just perfect (plus food at the cow and bridge!! Still need a cold Tsing Dao at Lucy’s tho…)

    hugs – great joy – aus and co.

  17. Lea Anne Thomas says:

    I’m a new reader and I’m so glad I found your blog when I did. She is so precious and your description of Dalton made me laugh outloud. Sounds just like my son. Prayers for a safe trip home and I can’t wait to see what your new firecracker gets into next.

    Reminds me of when I adopted Grace. I had been told she was developmentally delayed. The minute I met her, I emailed my sister and best friend and said, “Babyproof my house.” She was a spitfire from day one too!

  18. OH.MY.GOODNESS!! That girl is off the charts CUTE! Love seeing her smiles. Joy just radiates from her. So happy the trip is going well for you all!

  19. Sooo awesome!!!

  20. I’ve been reading/stalking your blog for about a year and have never commented. We are just in the VERY VERY early stages of even thinking about adoption but I LOVE to read about your family. I had to share finally because the other morning, the first post with Tallulah in China, my 3 year old son was coming to the computer to look at pictures of himself. He saw Tallulah and said, “Oh, she’s SO cute! Who is that? Is that her Mommy?” So I took the opportunity to explain adoption to him and asked him if he wanted to do that one day. He excitedly said “YES!” Looks like God is using you and Tallulah to plant seeds already. :) Congratulations! She is so precious and thank you for sharing this journey as it is such a blessing for us to follow.

  21. A ray of sunshine, indeed!!! :)

  22. She is the sweetest thing. I just love her smililing all the time.

  23. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

  24. Congratulations!! She is just beautiful!! Wonderful to see you all together. :)

  25. Tallula is so precious in your photos and her smile contagious!
    Hope you and Dalton tried the fried pumpkin at Cow and Bridge? yum!

  26. We loved that meat dish at the cow and bridge….
    what is it called?
    i would love to order it here at our thai place cause my boys ate it up!! again and again…

    so enjoy your posts…

    what a precious Chinese treasure you have been given….

    meg godwin
    jacksonville, fl

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