Sunday Snapshot: {a slice of life}

Today I wanted to try something new.

More of a slice of life post instead of anything planned.

Because this is really what life looks like.

At least, this is what my life looks like.

On this day, the day before Mother’s Day.

Making some homemade cards.

Imitating mom.

Ignoring mom.

And completely unaware of mom.



And loving.

Living life,

as a big ol’ family.

I love being the mom to this crazy crew.

I played around with my settings today – they were all over the place. And while none of these is going into a frame anytime soon, there is something about them that makes me smile.

Can’t wait to see your Snapshots.

Ready to play along? Here are the Sunday Snapshot rules – in a nutshell.

1. Sunday Snapshot will begin weekly with my Snapshot post on Sunday (or Saturday night) and will close Tuesday AM.
2. It is open to anyone who wants to become a better photographer and have fun in the process.
3. Snapshot posts should have the photo to be considered AT THE TOP of the Sunday Snapshot post, and should include the Sunday Snapshot button as well as a link back here to encourage others to play along.
4. Share any photography tips and/or settings on your posts for others (like me!) who are learning – this is encouraged but definitely not required.
5. Each Snapshot entry will be reviewed by me. Then I’ll select a favorite photo to be announced on Wednesday.
6. The winning Snapshot will be selected based on composition, color, emotion, creativity and post-processing.
7. Weekly winners will be featured in a monthly Sunday Snapshot post which will be judged by y’all, the readers.
8. The winner of the monthly Sunday Snapshot will receive a photography related goodie donated by the Sunday Snapshot monthly sponsor. May’s Snapshot sponsor is SnapShops.
9. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
9. Rules subject to change, as necessary, to keep this fun and fruitful for everyone.

Ni Hao Yall

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When you hit ‘publish’ it should show up just fine. Then add your link below.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all.



  1. Oh no! You wouldn’t frame any of these? I love slice of life pictures. I frame them WAY more than I frame posed : ) I think unposed life is the most beautiful of all! Real equals beautiful in my book! Your family looks like they are SO much fun. I love the card makers : ) and the completely unaware picture. So fun. I am glad you got to be with everyone you love the best today. Very, very sweet! Wishing you a beautiful day tomorrow filled with lots of frame-able and un-frameable moments. Love, Becky

  2. You have the cutest kids!! I love the potty photo.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I love seeing glimpses of everyday life. These are wonderful images! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really love these real life snapshots! <3

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Stefanie!

    I’m lovin’ your slice of life shots. It’s where I’m at these days. 😉

  6. Slice of life photos are my most favorite……and these are simply adorable!!!

    Happy Mothers Day Stef…… enjoy this very special day~



  7. These photos are wonderful! Happy Mothers Day!

  8. These are so beautiful. I don’t know why but I simply love the potty photo.

  9. The shot of Poppy flying is fantastic!
    Happy Mother’s Day

  10. What a beautiful set- LOVE your budding photographer.

  11. Ginny H says:

    Happy mother’s day! I got one of my favorite mother’s day gifts ever this year- 2 Wild Olive tees! I am wearing my Redeemed one to church this morning.

    Have a blessed day

  12. I love how intently the girls are watching their brother work on his card. Such adoration and awe. Too sweet!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. You have such a beautiful family, Happy Mother’s Day

  14. Fun! Happy Mothers Day Stephanie!

  15. aren’t typical days fabulous!

  16. What a fun peek into your life and of course, more great pictures! Love them!

  17. Great pictures. My favorite is the one with four kids, and markers.

  18. This is a great post! I love, love, LOVE that potty shot!!!

  19. Come on, Stef – the potty shot is totally frame-worthy :)

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