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May is here.

I am so excited about the May sponsor for Sunday Snapshot. And I know y’all are going to be excited too, when you hear about what Ashley Campbell – mom, photographer and owner of Ashley Ann Photography – has donated as a gift for the May Sunday Snapshot winner.

A spot in her online photography course… SnapShop.

SnapShop Website :: Under the Sycamore :: Facebook

From Ashley:

The next SnapShop will be June 3rd – June 24th. I will be doing 2 more in the fall, those dates have not been announced. The winner can participate in the June course or one of the fall 2012 courses.

SnapShops cover all the basics of learning to shoot manually and photographing the stories that make up your days. In the course, you will learn how to get off the “auto” mode and transition from just taking a picture to beautifully capturing the moments that make up your life.

SnapShops are for the beginner (not the professional), run 3 weeks at a time, are entirely online and entirely self-paced. You fit the course into your schedule. Course value is $200.00.

I encourage you to read Ashley’s amazing story of God’s provision for their current adoption. Seriously, read it.

Welcome, May!



  1. Now that is a great coffee filled story@!! I LVOE to see how GOD works in everyone’s lives

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