he sleeps

He’s out of surgery and in his own room now.

All cozy under a bunch of blankets, he woke up long enough to ask if his surgery was over, request some apple juice and tell me he loved me.


Next up, we’ll need to manage his pain and then get him back home. But for now, I am rejoicing that all went well today.

So grateful for your prayers, y’all. I can’t tell you how much they mean to me.

One Relieved Mama



  1. Campbell says:

    What a very special little boy! I am so glad he is out of surgery and doing well!! So now the journey back to his bouncy self returns! I will continue to keep y’all in my prayers!! God Bless!!! xoxo

    • Campbell says:

      BEGINS…ugh, AUTO-CORRECT drives me CRAZY! How did it get returns from begins?! Try it again…The journey begins…and so it has!!

  2. chandra ward says:

    I’m so thankful all went well in surgery and your sweet boy is with you. You’re in my prayers for speedy recovery!

  3. Continuing to pray Stephanie, sending you love and encouragement!

  4. Wonderful Update!

  5. Awww, what a sweetie. Big hugs to you all. Sleep well, little man :)

  6. thanks for the update! can;t wait to tell M we have a “praise God!!!”

  7. awwww, sweet baby! bless his little heart.

    will be praying….for sure!


  8. So very glad to hear this good report.

  9. bless him, Lord. so relieved that it’s over today. hang in there, mama. hugs~

  10. Debbie Allen says:

    So glad to hear he’s out of surgery and doing well. Continuing to pray for him and for you.

  11. So glad that part is over for you and him. Staying ahead of the pain by giving pain meds on a regular schedule is key to good pain control. Prayers that he is comfortable and you are all on your way home soon!

  12. Sooo relieved. God bless. What a sweet boy.

  13. I am very glad that everything went OK with your sweet boy, Stefanie! Blessings! <3

  14. Aawww, Stefanie…
    What a sweet angel! We all love that sweet boy!
    So happy for him!
    Still praying!
    He’s so adorable…

  15. Great news – prayers continue – and more than a ‘sniff’ – maybe even an outright cry! 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  16. So happy to hear the good news! God is good! He looks so precious, please keep us posted. Y’all our in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless,

  17. Sweet baby. You got to hand it to this trooper.

  18. Awesome news! Prayers of thanksgiving and continues prayers for recovery! Thanks for the updates!

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