one step closer

Oh my, y’all.

Yesterday, when Jude woke up?

Oh my.

His caudal block had worn off completely and, let’s just say, he was in more pain than he’s ever experienced.

And he had no idea what to do with himself.

Evidently, this surgery causes uncontrollable leg cramps. And he was convinced his casts were too tight.

It was heartbreaking.

After a few hours we were able to get on top of his pain, thanks to lots of prayers, some morphine and lortab, as well as a muscle relaxant.

And then, other than a few moments of pain, Jude’s been a pretty happy boy.

He’s gone from screaming that he wanted to go home to casually remarking, chocolate chip cookie in hand, that he likes it here.

So glad yesterday is behind us.

Today we get to leave the hospital. And none too soon. I brought all sorts of things for Jude, but failed to bring anything for myself. No toothbrush, no hairbrush… you get the picture. And it ain’t pretty.

Celebrating being one big step closer to home.



  1. So glad he is doing better! Cav has the same red and black cast! Sharpie makes a silver (not the paint ones) marker that works awesome for writing on the black!! (walmart) Prayers

  2. We’ll keep praying for comfort for all. Those are way cool casts, though!

  3. Bless his heart! So glad to hear that Jude is doing okay now.

  4. Praying for sweet Jude. I hate that he had to experience that terrible pain. So glad he is happy now. Hope you get that toothbrush today. I have been there and it isn’t fun.

  5. Those few hours must have been so terrible!!! Glad the pain is under control and you are over that!!! Sending prayers from Fort Lauderdale!! HI JUDE!!!

  6. Aww, poor sweet Jude. Praying for him.
    I must say, I do love his casts though!


  7. Oh my. I am so glad that is behind you all too. Safe travels home and lots of prayers for everyone.

  8. Campbell says:

    bless his sweet heart. That poor child. Nothing worse than a child in pain and not a thing a mama can do about it aside from scream for drugs NOW!!! I am feeling annoyed for you that his pain was allowed to even get to that level. Somebody should have been on top of that one! I guess it’s hard to know what drugs to give when the little one is sleeping but it sure breaks my heart to think he was in such excruciating pain for even a little bit.

    praying praying praying for y’all. Tell Jude his casts are beyond COOL!!! I hope the toothbrush fairy finds her way to you!! 😉

  9. Glad to hear that he is better. Praying for a speedy recovery. Hugs

  10. poor jude and poor mama….such a helpless feeling when your kiddo is in pain. will pray for continued good recovery!!!

  11. Oh sweetie, so sorry to hear this. That must have been agonizing for both of you!!! Glad to hear that they got on top of everything finally, and hoping it stays that way. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts and big hugs.

  12. Awe, HUGS and prayers.
    Jude sure has some fun looking casts, he sure has the sweetest smile!
    And I know how sweet home will be again, but I imagine Jude is loving his mama time!

  13. I’m with you and Jude in prayer, Stefanie. I really am.
    I’m having trouble with it. I don’t want to be in your footsteps this time. Jude just stopped wearing his braces and I’m scared. For my boy.
    But I really am with you in prayer, Stefanie

  14. Takes me right back to January!!!!! So thankful they got him the pain relief he needed!!!!!
    Great news, that you are getting out today!!!! Praise God!


  15. Oh Stef, that breaks this Momma’s heart!!!!! I will keep sweet Jude in my prayers! Poor baby and poor momma! That had to be tough – for both of you!!

  16. Aww. Poor little guy. It is heartbreaking indeed, to see your child in pain. :( I hope he recovers fast. Blessings! <3

  17. Hate to see pain in our children!!!! So glad that is over…hoping the pain stays away and a safe trip home for you all. Prayers for you and Jude!

  18. Poor little guy! Praying that they will be able to keep the pain under control! Xoxoxo.

  19. Teresa Ko says:

    So heartbreaking! You’re doing a great job, Mama!

  20. Oh poor baby. I am so sorry for his pain. It does sound horrible if he was hurting and he had those casts on. That is just horrible. They have to go through so much sometimes. :(((

    As for your hairbrush and toothbrush, btdt LOL. Yeah, it ain’t pretty. Praying you are home safe soon. That will help sweet Jude too, being surrounded by his family.

  21. Denise & Brian says:

    Poor baby…we’re praying for him and the entire family…..Love to all

  22. Poor darling. His casts are rockin’ colours!!

  23. Bless him! Oh Stefanie what a hard thing to see your child in pain…so thankful it was managed and praying from here on out that God will pour out grace and healing on your little guy by the bowl-ful!
    Yall be safe in all your travels!

  24. Oh it can be so heartbreaking & gives such a feeling of helplessness as a mother. Praying his recovery is speedy & pain free from here on out!

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