pick your favorite June Snapshot

June is over, which means it’s time to vote.

Whoever receives the most votes will win a spot in Lisa’s Push Past Your Comfort Zone, a photography course by The Long Road to China. I’ll be participating in this class and have no doubt it’s going to be awesome!

First, a look back on the weekly winners from this month…

Week 1 Winner: Katy at Where There is Love…There is Life.

Week 2 Winner: Shannon at I Should Be Cleaning House

Week 3 Winner: Mona at Mona’s Picturesque

Week 4 Winner: Diana at First a Pearl then Three Rubies.

If you’re a weekly winner from June, feel free to grab this button if you like a little blog swag:

Ni Hao Yall

Now y’all get to VOTE.

One vote per person, please. Poll closes on Thursday July 5th at midnight EST.



  1. LOVE the reflection. Such a beautiful photo!

  2. Love all of these!!

  3. It is very difficult, all of them are beautiful. ♥

  4. P.S. Love love your new banner, with Miss Poppy. :)

  5. I love Shannon’s picture! But they are all wonderful

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