the family photos that almost weren’t.

Despite a freak rain/hail shower, and over an hour spent stuck in traffic due to a downed power line, we actually made it to our family photos session.


So grateful we were working with a photographer – through Red Thread Sessions – that was refreshingly easy-going.

The rain actually worked to our advantage because it caused the temperature to drop from 99 to 74. Thank You, Lord. But the extra hour we spent stuck in traffic caused the kids to be one hour hungrier. And the littlest were one hour crabbier.

Oh well.

I dragged my camera along for fun and snapped a few pictures of the kids while Jennifer was getting the kids loosened up.

Looking forward to seeing the final results.

And cautiously optimistic it was worth all the effort.



  1. Red Thread Sessions-say that three times fast!

    Glad you made it there and back safely.

  2. Can’t wait to see them… I am sure they are wonderful!

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