Jude :: one week later

This time last week Jude was still sleeping off the anesthesia from his surgery.


So glad to be on this side of his surgery.

He’s struggled so much with his Rx meds that he requested – and the doc agreed – to forgo both of them.

Which means no muscle relaxer (for the constant charlie horses).

And no painkiller.

But our Jude is one determined little guy.

He’s been doing better every day. Even occasionally maneuvering around the house in his tiny wheelchair.

When he’s not in his favorite leather chair watching TV.

Legs propped on his favorite Sponge Bob pillow.

With no shirt.

And his fan on.

He’s still not eating much. I mean, he’s always had a limited appetite, but this experience has seriously affected his palette.

So, for now, chicken nuggets and D@nimals will have suffice.

With a bendy straw.

Anyway he’ll take it is how we’ll make it.

Just so glad to have that big beautiful smile back.



  1. What a gorgeous little boy. So glad to hear he’s doing better and what amazing news that he’s doing good without pain medication. :)

  2. That IS a beautiful smile! Love the last shot.

  3. LOVE that last picture! Such a beautiful smile – he’s a handsome dude :) And well deserves some “spoiling” after what he’s been through. So glad he’s doing so well!!!!

  4. so happy for “the other side” !!!! what a sweetie he is!

  5. So glad he is feeling better and smiling. Danimals and chicken nuggets still get lots of smiles around here too.

  6. Thrilled to see Jude’s content smile. So thankful he is recovering with TLC. Love the fan idea! Keep the nuggets coming!


  7. So glad he’s feeling better! Hope his appetite improves too!

  8. He is just such a sweetheart! Glad he is feeling a bit better.

  9. I have been wondering how he is doing. He just looks so sweet sitting there. Prayers continue for y’all.

  10. Angie D. says:

    Good to see his smile is back! Glad he’s better…I know it does a mom’s heart good!

  11. So so glad to see him home and smiling. What a week you all have had. Prayers for continued healing…

  12. Wow, he looks great for being one week adn no pain meds! Woo hoo and great job mom! Continued prayers for you all! HE is one sweet and handsome fella!

  13. Precious baby!! We’ve been praying for him!!! Glad he’s feeling much better! 😀

  14. such a sweet sweet boy!!! Praying his recovery continues well!!!

  15. Bless his little heart! So glad he’s doing better.

  16. oh my he is beautiful!!!!! So happy he is on his way to be pain free…pain is hard on the mamas!

  17. So glad Mr.Man is feeling a bit better and to see that gorgeous smile.

  18. Fine (and tough!!) young man – we’re holding you in our prayers!

    hugs – aus and co.

  19. Glad he’s on the mend…BTW, he’s a doll. What a sweet face. :)

  20. Love that smile!!!!!!! SO glad sweet Jude is feeling better!!!!!

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