my muse

Because he makes me smile.

Because he allows me to photograph him relentlessly.

Because he doesn’t talk back.

And because his funny face made it into the top 10 on I Heart Faces Pet Face contest. So many cute pet faces featured… undoubtedly a few over there will make you smile.



  1. What an amazing capture. So dramatic, and also kind of hilarious. I always feel like horses are telling jokes or making faces or somehow sharing their sense of humour when the pull faces like this.

  2. It’s an awesome capture…and really…he looks pretty darn happy about the whole photoshoot…you probably didn’t even have to bribe him! He’s better than Mr. Ed!!! Does he talk???

  3. Yea!! I knew it would! The is the best horsey photo I’ve ever seen! Keep it up!

  4. Congrats Stefanie, it’s an awesome image! His teeth don’t even look real; I love how his whiskers pop against the dark background, he’s a happy fella!

  5. I knew you would get picked!!! This was awesome! It was so cool to see your image there when I was scrolling through my messages this morning.

  6. I really, really hope you have an entire wall in your house dedicated to his pictures. They are awesome!

  7. congratulations on making it to the top ten! That’s neat!

  8. I’m a brand new blog follower, & also a brand new adoptive & first time momma!

    My animals let me photograph them too! :)

  9. Congratulations!! hehe, what a face. Just makes you want to grin back!

  10. I LOVE animal photos like this, this is the best!

  11. That’s great!! Very funny :)

  12. I LOVE these pix of your horse!!! They are fantastic. It’s hard to believe that you can catch him acting out like this more than once! He is hysterical. Your pic should have made first place in my mind. :)

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