pick your favorite August Snapshot

It’s time to vote for your favorite!

A look back at the weekly favorites…

Week 1 :: Jenna at Auburn Kids

Week 2 :: Courtney at Following C’s

Week 3 :: Lisa at My Life, My Camera, My Memories.

Week 4 :: Lisa at The Long Road to China

If your photo is featured here, feel free to ask folks to vote for you. I know some people have posted links on FB to get votes and if you want to do that, it’s fine with me. Only one vote per person.

And – to all the weekly winners – if you like blog swag, go ahead and grab a little below:

Ni Hao Yall

Now y’all get to VOTE.

One vote per person, please. Poll closes on Saturday, September 1st at midnight EST.



  1. Of course I’m voting for myself:) But congratulations to the other fabulous photos, I really love them all and love looking at (and being inspired by) the weekly photos! I’m humbled to be among them. Thanks again, being on that list is very special to me!

  2. I LOVE the dog too. It was hard to decide. The girls on the beach are lovely. The balloons are cute. I picked the swings because of it’s originality and color. Great talent ladies! If only I had the time for one more obsession… It would definitely be photography. For now, I’ll have to settle with blogging:)

  3. These really are all so good. I am honored to have a sweet picture of my dog, Pippa, among them. We took that trip to the beach just for her because swimming in the ocean, and breathing in the ocean air tremendously helps her arthritic little body. She literally just breathes it in just like a little old lady on the beach. I love being able to use her as an excuse for a beach vacation.

    I really want to vote for all of you too though! I love visiting all of your blogs each week to see your amazing work! Thanks Stephanie for hosting all the fun!

    • Kim Bryan says:

      These are ALL GREAT PICS……but I have a favorite…..Pippa:) Jenna is a GREAT FRIEND of mine. She is the one person who I THINK loves animals more than I do. She goes above and beyond for them and everyone else that she sees in need. She lost her very special LULU to a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT and Pippa was GOD SENT TO HER. So, Pippa winning will also be in MEMORY OF LULU. I also think Jennna should have the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD…..She has taught me so much and I’m way older than her…LOL GOOD LUCK MY SPECIAL FRIEND!!!!!LOVE YA,KM

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Some really great shots here! I voted…I’m a sucker for the beach and fluff.

  6. Go Jenna!!

  7. GO Jenna! You are amazing!!!! 😀

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