first day of school :: round two

As I mentioned last week, I missed an opportunity to get pictures of my kids on the first day of school.

And – as much as I’d intended to get pictures of them every. single. day. – the rest of that first week was basically an ugly blur. They’d come home in the afternoons with backpacks loaded with papers to sign, flyers to read, assignments, projects and papers to complete.

So today, one week and one day after the official start of school, I finally took pictures.

Since I knew outside wasn’t going to work (been there, tried that) I figured I’d just have a go at pictures over breakfast… barely out of bed, hair still crazy, just starting their day.

They were thrilled.

I also had them jump on the scale and then take their shoes off to measure them. Again, they wondered aloud if it was even possible for their day to get any better.

I am posting their heights and weights because, well… it’s the only place I can write it down and won’t lose it. And I love to look back – the kids love it even more than I do – and see how much they have grown.

And here they are, sleepy-eyed and crazy-haired.

Dalton, doing what a typical 10 year old boy does when faced with a camera in his grill at 5:45, ignoring me.

He’s now 58″ and 98.5 pounds.

Sophie, who never fails to give me that smile.

P.S. This girl loves school. She really is that happy.

She is 48.5″ and 54 pounds.

Isabelle peeking out from behind her reading material.

She is 48″ and 54 pounds.

Shepherd – all business – knocking out some Fruit Loops.

And, believe it or not, this boy can eat. No idea where he puts it.

He is 42″ and 34 pounds.

Jude and his beloved Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tart.

When a kid won’t eat anything, sometimes you just give in.

No measurements on this guy until his casts come off.

And Asher. Starting his homeschool day along side the rest of the crew.

He is now 5′ 7 1/2″ and 139 pounds.

Taller than me now. And he is oh-so-happy about it.

I had another go at pictures as they were gearing up to go out to the bus stop.

Again, my children were thrilled.

Thankfully, they are all enjoying school so far this year. Okay, mostly enjoying school this year.

Sophie is in 3rd grade. She’s at a new school for 3rd-5th graders and as expected, she loves being with the “big kids”.

Jude is in 1st grade and has Isabelle’s amazing teacher from last year. So he is set this year. He has been a bit of a spectacle in his striped casts and wheelchair, but he’s learning to live with all the attention. Especially from the ladies.

Isabelle, who had missed her teacher from last year so terribly, is already nutty about her 2nd grade class and new teacher. So much so that she said she wants to go to school even on the weekends.

Shepherd is cuh-razy about being a kindergartener. Finally. He jumped on that bus the first day and hasn’t looked back. He sings all the new songs he is learning at school loud and proud.

And often.

And Dalton. He is in the 5th grade and was the only one of our kiddos to be a bit apprehensive as the school year began. He says he doesn’t like school this year because it’s so boring (read: 5th grade instead of 4th grade) but my guess is that by mid-year, Dalton will be having as much fun as his younger siblings.

Whew. Another “back to school” season survived.

And yes, I am going to get pictures of the littles at home.

Just not today.



  1. What a lovely bunch of kiddos. :)

  2. Loving this new tradition of back to school photos. Trusting some day … these everyday moments captured on film will be all the more priceless!

  3. Love your back to school photos! Very interesting way-instead of the school bus or just standing there!

  4. Great shots! I’m tired just reading about all of them. How do you do it??? Here’s to a fantastic school year for all1.

  5. as always…love the pics of your kids!


    Hope they all have a fantastic school year.

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