Jude’s casts came off yesterday.

And he wanted to celebrate with a long-anticipated soak in the tub.

Not surprisingly, a few of his younger siblings wanted to witness the event.

Thank goodness for bubbles.

I can only imagine how good it felt to soak the legs that have been stuck in casts for six weeks.

But that sweet smile hinted at his joy.

Now he has to relearn to walk. The doctors have suggested we let Jude set the pace, and that it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Knowing Jude, I’m going to bet on the short side of that.

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  1. awwww, relief. i can just feel it for him!

    love his little group of fans!


  2. Yay for Jude. What a sweetie – he captures my attention each time you post about him. Give him high fives from The Gang for me :)

  3. So happy for Jude!!! He is just so precious to allow his little sisters witness the soak!

  4. Yay! Woderful pictures!!!!!

  5. Sweet post…love his smile…it looks like his smile is saying ahhhhhhhhh!…Love the girls around the tub. LOL

  6. These shots just warm my heart. Hooray!!! Here’s to stepping out soon. Joining you from Lisa’s photo Friday.

  7. So cute! I remember well the first bath after the casts came off our little guy! I am so happy Jude’s six weeks are over and I will pray for his speedy recovery!

  8. Joey figured out how to walk while wearing a big huge spica cast and then was walking just a few hours after it had been taken off. Aye aye aye.

    I bet your little guy will be running and jumping before you know it :)

  9. He is such a sweetie. I bet that bath felt good….well at least as good as a bath can to a little boy 😉 Mine liked to stay dirty as long as possible!

  10. Yeah for your little man! It is so darling to see the girls all gathering for him!

  11. I think that top photo is my new absolute favorite.

  12. So incredibly exciting!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll be running in no time I’m sure.

  13. Stephanie – I have to say, your photos are always a delight to look at. Your boy must be so happy to have those casts removed.

  14. The photos really tell the story. Sweet sweet boy…and that smile. How do you deny him anything??? SO glad he is out of the casts.

  15. Hi Stephanie:

    This just touched my heart. My Sadie hasn’t had a “real shower” since last May…. nor could she swim all summer in the pool in our backyard (which she received from Make A Wish). Hooray for baths (with bubbles)!

    I still smile thinking of our short time together on the Island with Dalton, Tallula, and Kendal.

    Hugs from Michigan,

    Jane Klingenberg

    • Hey Jane! I know, it was such fun meeting up on Shamian Island :) Hope all is going well with Kendal and that she’s getting settled in and is sleeping better!

  16. So happy for Jude! And I’m betting that it will be on the days side too. He seems to be a determined little guy!

    By the way, Vivienne just about took my breath away in that top photo. She looks so much older…even sorta looked like Sophie at first glance.

    You’ve got just the most adorable kids ~ but I bet you don’t need me to tell you that!

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