rock the shot

Recently, I began following several photography websites.

Jasmine Star.

Digital Camera World.

Rock the Shot.

What can I say. I’ve got photography on the brain.

And this month, Rock the Shot is having a photo challenge for pets. And I just couldn’t resist putting up this picture I recently took of Poet when I went out to work on a self portrait. Seriously, he is so much better in front of the camera than I am.

I know, y’all are probably getting tired of my love affair with this crazy pony, but I just can’t get enough of him. He makes me smile every. single. day.



  1. What a great shot! I could never get tired of this pony!

  2. he is really a great subject, but I can’t write anymore because I must go pluck my chin hairs….hee hee

  3. Kim Coleman says:

    I must say that I love this guy. He always has the best smile and makes us smile.

  4. It’s a money shot, and you should use when you can!

  5. If I could get my horses to smile at me like that, I would be snapping them up all the time!

  6. Now that’s a horse with some PER-SON-ALITY!!!!! Love it! ♥

  7. I’m with YOU! I LOVE looking at these pix of him. Does he just do this when he sees you or how do you get him to make faces like this?

    • Yes, he just does this on his own! He especially does it when he wants something… in this case, he wanted to come in to eat his dinner. Some of his faces are so much goofier than this (think tongue hanging out and head turned sideways) but I don’t ever have my camera when he really lets it rip…
      Someone commented once that I should have a wall of his pictures and I just might do it! It would never fail to make me smile :)

  8. That’s a funny shot. I love it!

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