the deal

A few weeks ago, Jude came to me and told me there was something he really wanted.

So we looked online, and found the ones.

Because there was no way I could say no to a boy in a wheelchair with casts up to his thighs, I ordered them.

And yesterday, they arrived.

Jude’s casts came off one week ago.

But he is really struggling with walking.

More a fear of walking, and stretching that achilles tendon, than inability.

So I figured I’d make him a deal.

If he walked for me – there and back – the shoes would be his.

And you can see, not only was Jude up for the challenge.

He rocked it.

Still much work to do, but I think he’s on his way.



  1. Sweet baby! He is so adorable!

  2. What a sweet smile! We will be praying for Jude as he rehabs. It is hard work, we know it. My now 4-year-old son had to learn to walk again after having Guillain-Barre syndrome just as he was turning three. How he would cry as I would stretch his little legs out. God is good and faithful in healing our little ones and giving them resilient hearts and wings like eagles! God bless you and yours.

  3. Bless his sweet heart! We will be praying that those muscles remember sooner rather than later!

  4. You go Jude!!! WAY cool shoes!

  5. Go, Jude, go! Love the shoes. : )

  6. Awesome! What a trooper! Go Jude!!!

  7. so, so proud of you Jude!

    looking forward to seeing you run in those shoes!

    what a sweet mama you have!

  8. That little boy has some determination!! Wow Jude – so so proud of you!!!


  9. I remember when Jenna got her cast off last year after wearing it for 6 weeks. She cried and was scared to death to walk on her foot. But, not long after, she was hobbling…then walking…then running. Jude’s doing great, and those shoes, no doubt, will “help him go faster!”

  10. Way to go Jude!!! The McIlravys are so proud of you! The kids here think those shoes are so cool, you will be running in them soon!!!! Miss ya!

  11. Kim Coleman says:

    Love the new kicks! Jude you look great! Keep up the great work.

  12. This post just melted my heart! Yeah Jude!!!

  13. Love the shoes Jude!! Good Job walking and earning them!!

  14. Hooray! Whatever it takes, deals, bribes, the promise of some reward. so worth it! Great job Jude!

  15. There is something SO dear about sweet Jude. I literally have tears in my eyes just typing this. What an ordeal…but with sweet sweet rewards. Those kicks are awesome. And well deserved. He is a rockstar.

  16. Go Jude Go! This post brought me to tears! Such a special, beautiful boy. You are such an excellent momma!

  17. bless his heart!!! Way to go Jude! And, they look so super cool on you! Way to go, momma!!

  18. He is ah-mazing! Such determination.

    Love his shoes!

    Love his smile!

    You go, Jude!

  19. Yay Jude! We are proud of you!

    The Clarks

  20. Awesome flames — way to go Jude. :)

  21. Mom…I think YOU rocked it…brilliant idea!!

  22. Jude….those are the coolest sneakers I have ever seen!!!! I think they are kinda magic! Sending much love from Fort Lauderdale, FL…. Keep up the good work!

  23. So sweet. I’ll bet it was scary for him but you made it worth the effort:) He is just adorable.

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