my guy. an update.

I shared a few weeks ago about my guy.

And his current state of jobless-ness.

Well, we got an answer back from his most recent interview, and the answer was a yes. Woohooo!

But not a final yes. A yes-you’re-into-the-next-interview sort of yes.

So we continue to wait and trust in the Lord.

God has shown up in so many ways during this potentially frightening time. Chris and I have been able to, for the first time, have a regular quiet time together, when we can discuss what God is laying on our hearts, what He is teaching us, how He is molding and shaping us. It’s so cool. And it makes getting up at 5:30 to get the kids off to school much more, well.. doable.

We are learning that fully trusting in God is something we haven’t been required to do often in the past. And patiently waiting on the Lord is not either of our strong suits. But God is gently, gently shaping us.

And He has reminded us both that He wants us to be joyful in every bit of this. This situation. This season. This life.

We still have no idea what job Chris will have.

But he has managed to stay busy in the meantime.

P.S. My guy never naps (except on Sundays when he always naps). So, the one time he did, this time post-folding approximately 317 loads of laundry, I just had get a picture of him.

You’re so welcome, honey.

Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18



  1. I love how much pink her just finished folding!

  2. HE … he just finished folding.

  3. Great news and great photo!

  4. Congratulations on the next step. That is great news. I am sooo jealous of your photos that I am coming back here AGAIN!!!! to see what kind of lenses everyone uses. I just brought well, several months ago, the Canon T3i and I have taken some amazing photos, I will advance a step up maybe by christmas or after the 1st of the year. But, I am a stalker of the photos that everyone takes…wishing mine would end up that way!

  5. My, that’s a lot of folding!! Thanks for sharing, Stefanie – fully trusting in God and waiting patiently for Him is definitely easier said than done..! All the best for Chris’ job situation :)

  6. Still praying!

  7. 1. Yay for next step interview! 2. Yay for God giving you two this time to have more time together…(I’m sure with his last “job” he was gone a lot….) 3. Yay for a man who will fold clothes! 4. Boo for how many “little people” clothes will fit in a load….the folding never ends!

  8. We’ll continue to keep y’all in our thoughts and prayers for the interview process!

  9. Hey girl — Y’all have been on my heart SO much lately and I’ve been praying for you guys and Chris’s job situation. Dan leaves his job in December to run SixtyFeet full-time and we are still ridiculously behind on fundraising — so relate to this post! Dan and I have also been on our knees together, like never before — and it’s been good :) Looking forward to seeing how the Lord will work through the details for both of our families. Love you sister!!

  10. Congratulations!!! Love this shot. I never nap either but I might need one after folding all that laundry!!!

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