Sunday Snapshot :: weekly winner 5

Some favorites from last week.

I know, y’all. I know. But I wanted to savor this last set of weekly favorites, since I won’t be doing this anymore. As much as I am ready to simplify, I will miss sharing a few of y’all’s Sunday Snapshot each week.

From Diane at An Extraordinary Day

Lori at Sojourners

Petriina at Silkkiä Samettia

Sophi at Sophi Belle Collection

And Amy at One Less Broken

My most favorite this week is from Petriina. First off, the light. Oh my. Then add the setting, the horses (love!) and the post processing. It all adds up to one big love affair with this picture.

Don’t tell my husband.

Bravo, Petriina. Your photo will be entered into this month’s Sunday Snapshot post, along with the other weekly winners. The September winner will be selected by vote in the next few days.

And that lucky winner will receive Florabella’s fabulous new set of Photoshop Actions: Colorplay.

If your photo was featured today, feel free to grab this button for some blog swag. If you like blog swag.

Ni Hao Yall

Be sure to check back soon to revisit all the fabulous winners from September.

Then it will be your turn to vote.



  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, congratulations to the featured artists

  2. Oh my goodness. You just blessed the socks off me. Thank you for loving my photo too.
    As a newbie…I’m going to miss this little party. It’s so fun seeing the fabulousness here and of course the inspiration. ~ Joyfully, Diane

  3. Love it BUT I gotta say that squirrel made my day!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words <3 You just made my day !

  5. Wow! The horse picture nearly blew my mind. Simply gorgeous!

  6. I loved that horse photo too. It’s amazing!!
    Thank you, Stefanie, I am glad you liked my photo. *hugs*

  7. What gorgeous photos! Each so moving in their own special way :)

  8. They really are all so beautiful!! Great pics Stefanie!

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