I’m making an effort – a valiant effort if I do say so myself – to keep up with my various and sundry iPhone photos.

Typically, they don’t get treated as ‘regular’ photos, even though they are the stuff of real life. So, here I am in my third week of trying to keep up and save these random captures for posterity’s sake.

You’re welcome, kids.

homemade chicken noodle soup :: Victoria gets sick (hey, thanks for sharing) :: comfort food to the rescue

Tallula’s no-likey face :: I never tire of the sunsets around here :: really, hon? we need 108 candy bars?

some fruit-rollup tattoo fun :: Thanksgiving yumminess :: adios Thanksgiving – they’re ready for Christmas



  1. I have to say I like these posts even if they aren’t made up of “regular” pictures.

  2. Great stuff – and why is it that we all seem to not care about our phone pics – but we take them anyway? Hummm…..

    hugs – aus and co.

  3. Girl, you must check out Project Life…perfect way to document everyday life, the real stuff our lives are made of! And these photos certainly fit the bill! It can be done digitally or the old fashioned way 😉 I love it as a way of documenting Kiara’s life right now :) Just my 2 cents!!

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