my week by iPhone. week 2.

I shared with y’all last week… or maybe the week before, I can’t remember (which is exactly why I need to keep posting these pictures because it’ll be all I have in a few years when my memory completely fails me) my first installment of my life by iPhone.

It was fun. Okay, I had fun. Maybe you didn’t, but I hope you did.

Lots of y’all seemed to like my new bff, Dropbox. And I got oodles of free storage space thanks to y’all deciding you wanted to hang out with Dropbox, too. Par-tay!

Anyway, here is this week’s installment of my week. Or my two weeks.


Confession time. This week I am throwing in some things that represent something that I don’t want to forget. Like Jude’s card. And my girls’ favorite thrift store spoons. Just so you know.

dueling photographers :: the girls’ much-celebrated flower spoons

view from my back door :: ready to sport our Ivy love

P.S. Can y’all please pray for Ivy Joy? She will be undergoing her third open heart surgery tomorrow… she needs our prayers.

Jude shows some love to mom and dad :: Lula shows some love, too

freestyle art :: Jude loses a wrestling match with Vivienne, and a tooth

the kids’ Saturday-morning love.. cinnamon rolls :: my Saturday morning love… Swiss Miss

work hard :: play hard

my sweet but-oh-so-old-and-oh-so-stinky dog… early to rise :: early to bed

P.S. Don’t forget to donate to Fill Their Stockings. Our first bundle started yesterday and will be open until Friday at midnight. Not only would it be fabulous to win (it’s worth over $800, what?!?) but you’ll be taking part in supporting a charity that cares for children living in China’s orphanages. $5 is barely a trip at Starbucks, but it can add up to a big difference for these kids. Thanks, y’all!



  1. The link to your last fill my stockings post is broken in this post.

  2. Jackie Wetzel says:

    Is there a site to purchase the Joy shirts in your photo? I love them, and I think this is the second place I have seen them. So sweet! Thanks!

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