Sunday Snapshot: {the bigger boys}

Last set of school pictures. I *think*. I might try to work Tallula and Poppy in somehow.


Here are the bigger boys. The bigger-than-the-younger-boys but younger-than-their-biggest-brother boys.

Asher first. Aaaaahhhh. Nothing more challenging fun than a 13 year old boy.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about 7th grade?

Asher: Sleeping in sometimes. When I don’t get out of bed the first time someone wakes me up and no one notices for a while.

Mom: What’s your least favorite thing about 7th grade?

Asher: Having to do more school work than last year. It takes me a lot longer than I had hoped that it would.

Mom: Let’s hear it for honesty.

Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Asher: Minecraft Player. Video Game Designer. Ice Cream Taster.

Mom: Aim high, my love. Aim high.

And here’s Dalton. 10 year old body, 15 year old brain.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about 5th grade?

Dalton: Learning more stuff, like the stuff that Asher is learning in math. And being able to do some of the problems that Asher does.

Mom: Competitive much, son?

Mom: What is your least favorite thing about 5th grade?

Dalton: Shorter recesses. And that I have to wait until next year to homeschool.

Mom: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Dalton: Football player – running back – for the Patriots.

Mom: I think that competitive streak is going to come in handy.

Love being a mama to these boys.

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Ni Hao Yall

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  1. Oh boy…your sons are sooooo handsome! What great shots.

  2. Great shots with perfect light and bokeh!

  3. I have absolutely loved this series of posts! The photography is excellent, and the Q&A is precious! Great job. And thanks for the link up party!

  4. I love these. I hear you on the 13 yo boy- teens are challenging. It sure makes the toddler years look like a cake walk :)

  5. Yes…MUCH nicer photos than school pictures! You have a most beautiful family. I LOVE the fall colors in all the photos…especially loved the one of Isabelle with the leaves that drew attention to her cute outfit and face!

  6. My son would have had the exact same answers as Asher for what he would want to be! We should get their x-box live accounts so they can play together! ;o)

  7. yup my 7th grader is all about the Minecraft too (-:

  8. I have really enjoyed your school photos and interviews. You have a fun way of introducing your kids so that we can see the personalities. Great fun and handsome boys.

  9. I love these. So gorgeous!!

  10. The photos were great! The interviews, and especially the Mama’s answers – priceless! :)

  11. loving your fall captures!

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