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an update from Carrie at Scarlet ThreadsWe are willing to take more orders and we can ship them soon! But you won’t get it until early January. So if you don’t mind getting your ornaments AFTER Christmas, e-mail me for details. Set of 6 ornaments is $21 – $27 shipped.

I got a package the other day.

I love to get packages.

And this one was not just fun for me. But I guess y’all can see that.

The package was from Scarlet Threads and the contents were from their wired {he}arts collection.

Each ornament is a Chinese character — grace, hope, love, faith, family and blessing.

And they will serve as a beautiful reminder of just how very blessed we are.

P.S. I was so happy to see that they are sold out of these ornaments… which means sweet Huan Mei and her family have received many orders for their lovely ornaments. It made me smile big. It was even better than getting a package.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE……how beautiful….and the ornaments are gorgeous too! :)

  2. We got ours onto the tree today too! They are beautiful!! Thanks for letting me know about them. :) It’s nice to have a small piece of china in our home while we are waiting for our kiddo to make it home to us! And it’s great we were able to support the family!

  3. Love these – ours arrived last week and my daughter couldn’t wait to hang them. We may have to find a way to display them longer than just Christmas.

  4. We got ours last week and they are great!

  5. I got mine that I won in your contest the other day, and they look beautiful on the tree. Thanks, again!

  6. We sold these at an expat bazaar that benefited a local orphanage. So it was a win on both counts! Was so glad that I had found these earlier on your blog. I know that we plan to sell aprons and the ornaments next year at the Christmas bazaar. :)

  7. We just got ours a few days ago and they are so pretty. Our three girls loved hearing what each character meant.

  8. I got my order last week and delivered them to my granddaughter. She really liked the
    “Blessing” ornament which is nice because she IS one herself! : )

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