Fill Their Stockings… wrapping it up.

Fill Their Stockings 2012 is over.

And Fill Their Stockings, we did.

$26,085 was raised collectively for Half the Sky, An Orphan’s Wish and Pearl River Outreach
, all because of the fantastic items that were donated and the crazy generous donations that poured in on behalf of those left behind.

In other words, y’all brought it. In a big, big way.

$10,165 was raised specifically for An Orphan’s Wish – a charity that is so very near and dear to my heart.

For some very special kids like Ellira, who was born with clubfoot and spina bifida.

Kids who are going to be immeasurably blessed by your generosity this year.

Seriously, I can hardly believe it. Y’all have just blown me away.

I’d also like to thank our big-hearted donors again, who so generously donated items to our efforts this year.

None of this would have been possible without you.

A Mother’s Art
Savor Photography
One Willow Presets
Little Luv Letters
Mitzi Franz
Chris from Layers of Life
Lauren at Ginger Peachy Kids
Matilda Jane
anonymous in honor of An Orphan’s Wish
anonymous in honor of Pearl River Outreach
Branda from Days Made of Now
The Kessler Family
Jesus Loves Orphans
Scarlet Threads
The Lokey Family
Sophia Jane Boutique
The Sammons Family
Ashley at Baby Bobo
Andrea at Blogging Mama
Valerie Almquist from Ruffled Feathers Company
Jazmyn Hammett at NotYourAverageGrandma
Sweet and Sour Clothing
My Adoption Website
The Long Road to China in honor of Half the Sky

A big congratulations to SueAnn R. for winning our final “Flights, Camera, Action!” bundle — what a fabulous bundle that was. Hope you have a fantastic time with all your winnings, SueAnn!

Thank you to Lisa and Diana, my crazy-wonderful partners in this effort — it is such a blessing (and such FUN!) to be able to do this with y’all. Love you both!

And one final, crazy big thank you to everyone who donated. Big or small, your donation will make a difference in the life of a child. YOU have made a difference in the life of a child.

And that is a gift that is better than anything you can put under a tree.



  1. WOW! That is incredible! 😉

  2. You guys ROCK!!!! Totally amazing!!

  3. Holy! Moly!
    This is a great success!

    Thanks Stefanie! :)

  4. Carrie in Spokane says:

    That’s an awesome amount! PTL!

  5. Sarah Kate says:

    What a beautiful photo of a beautiful girl. That amount is thrilling! Yay, us!

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