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It would be fair to say that most Chinese companies do not have a high social consciousness and that the giving to charities and NGOs is a very low priority.

China Highlights is a Chinese company that is somewhat of a pioneer, they have been online since 1998 – that’s longer than Google. Their parent company CITS (Guilin) has been in business since 1959.

Continuing in that in that pioneering vein China Highlights adopted An Orphan’s Wish “House of Love” project in Guilin China, as the major focus for their giving back to the community.

China Highlights makes a donation for every customer that uses their service, and each year since 2008 they have made their donation to the House of Love. This year the donation was $10,000.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to assisting An Orphan’s Wish in their work at the House of Love, China Highlights has just introduced a promotion in which they give 5% of the total cost of any family tour booked with them to An Orphan’s Wish. Take advantage of China Highlights’ years of experience by getting them to help plan your Heritage Trip to China or just or a fun China Family Adventure – and help An Orphan’s Wish at the same time.

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Are you captivated by photographs that tell a story? Do you dream of capturing the beauty of your everyday life? If so, this online course was written for you. In this course, you will find original content that I have developed over the last three years. I would love to help you go from knowing how to just take a picture to beautifully capturing the moments of your life.

You will have access to the course for 3 weeks. You can go through the material at your own pace during that time frame. The course includes numerous photo examples for each section The examples are from everyday life. Each section includes a Q and A area for you to ask more questions about that particular topic and receive and answer from me. You will be invited to join a SnapShop group where you can share and discuss your images with others taking the course.

This is not a class for professional photographers or those wanting tips on creating a photography business. We will touch on post processing, but will not go in-depth. I will answer questions only regarding course curriculum in the context of the class (like a forum, not email), any personal discussion on advanced topics is not included.

Next course is February 10 – March 3 — Registration opens on January 18, 2013
. Visit website for details.

— Ashley

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What readers are saying about With an Open Heart:

“This work of love is an inspirational page turner. You will be touched by the heart-wrenching story of Daniel Murphy and his family. Their journey will inspire you to see God in any situation, even those that leave most asking, “Where is God?” This book affected me on two fronts. As an adoptive mother of one, this book inspired me to begin the process of finding another child who needs a home and family. This book also breached the fortress of my closed-off heart. While reading this book, I began to hear from the Holy Spirit again. Not once, but several times, perfectly clear. If you have ever lost that, you know what a gift it is when it returns. With an Open Heart has been on my mind every day since picking it up. It will haunt you, in a very good and positive way. This is not a story for religious people or for adoption minded people, but a story that everyone can benefit from reading. There is something here for everyone. Allow Daniel to touch your heart. You will not be the same.” – Tracy B.

“I can’t describe what a beautifully written story this is. Lisa and her family are truly inspiring, and after finishing the book I knew that I had to renew my Faith and stop sweating the small things in life. In fact, after I finished the book and box of kleenex, I crawled into my daughter’s twin sized bed and held her all night. I wish I had the privilege of knowing Daniel, but feel like I got to know what a wonderful and special little boy he was. This is a must read for everyone who has adopted, thinking about adopting, looking for a story about faith, or anyone who just wants to read a true story about one amazing family.” – Kristen D.

“With an Open Heart is a beautifully written true story about the incredible journey of one little boy into his Forever Family. Lisa writes with her own “Open Heart”, compassionately, honestly, and most especially with love. The Murphy family showed Daniel the unconditional and unending love of being a part of a family, and they know that he was a gift from God to be cherished. He brought them (and everyone around them!) love and laughter and life lessons—an amazing mission for a child so young. Break out your tissues and prepare to read it cover to cover in a short time, this book is a heartwarming story.” — Caroline B.

Daniel’s story makes a great Christmas present for those looking to give a gift of faith! For all purchases made this month through Ni Hao Y’all, we will donate 20% to adoptive families of heart babies who are undergoing financial burdens right now. Simply go to our website and purchase the book through the PayPal prompts in the right column. You will see a drop-down menu of charity choices, so scroll down and choose “Heart surgeries for children.”

I thank you all in advance for opening your hearts to our family’s labor of love, and we hope that this story’s message of hope and faith inspires you to live, listen, and leap with an open heart!

Lisa Murphy

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Are you shooting with a dslr camera but can’t seem to get the dial turned past the little green box?

Or maybe you have mastered the manual mode already, but you are looking for that extra PUSH to take your photography to the next level?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to participate in two of my most popular online photography classes; Get Out of the Auto Zone and Push Past Your Comfort Zone.

In both of these classes, you will receive detailed outlines complete with photos and diagrams for the lessons each week and you will be invited to join a private facebook group where you can ask me questions and post pictures that you have taken throughout the course.

Classes will begin in January 2013.

For class details click here.

If you wish to sign up, or have questions about future classes, please email me @

As always, a portion of the proceeds from these classes will be donated to Half The Sky, through Visions of Hope.


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