my week by iphone. week 4 or so.

I am enjoying using my camera on my iPhone so much more now that I’m not only looking at the pictures I take, but I’m actually doing something with them. I use my Snapseed app to edit them – so fun, for real – and then upload ’em onto Dropbox. And voila… I have them at my fingertips to do with whatever I please.

And so, since my pecan pie awaits, here we are.

The end.



  1. Dear Stefanie, I know you know, but your children are sooo cute! I love Talula’s happy face with her manicure – I’m so happy for all of you that she gets to live with you.
    Best wishes,

  2. If you did post photos in this post, I can’t see them. Hmmm….

  3. I love the picture of the kids in the shopping cart! It’s one thing to know you have all those adorable kiddos and see them on the side of the page, but the shopping cart pic shows so awesomely, what it’s really like!! :) LOVE it!!!

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