Sunday Snapshot: {celebrating D}

My boy went and turned 11 on me.

The youngest child from my womb.

And – despite the fact that this event made me want to suck my thumb, eat copious amounts of chocolate and never leave my bed again – we went out to celebrate.

And celebrate, we did.

On this night, the sky was the limit.

Appetizers and entrees galore.

Everyone was smiling. Eating. And eating some more.

And then came the much-anticpated round of Happy Birthday. And the dessert.

Let’s just say, it was worth changing out of my sweats for.

And I think Dalton was pretty happy about it all, too.

Happy Birthday, D.

We love you like crazy, little man.

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Ni Hao Yall

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. My baby boy turns 15 today. I adore all of the smiles in these photos! I love them! Happy birthday to your baby boy! He’s gorgeous!

  2. Love those smiles!!

  3. oh my oldest just turned 11 this weeekend – sad and proud day all at the same time!

  4. Happy, happy birthday. xo

  5. Beautiful photo’s! My youngest daughter is adopted. It’s such a wonderful blessing!

  6. Awwww- A Very Happy Birthday to him. My older daughter just turned 12 yesterday. How does it go by so fast??!!!

  7. MMMMMMM Molten chocolate cake!!! 😉 It really does go by way too fast!

  8. Happy Birthday! Our Dalton turns 6 next month and its his first b-day home…I can’t wait!

  9. Looks like Dalton had a fabulous day!

    Happy Birthday!

    (now, just to make them stay younger longer……)

  10. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

  11. Aw, Happy Birthday to your sweet, handsome Dalton!!!!

  12. That was a fun birthday dinner and I bet he loved the dessert. Wow, they grow up fast. Enjoy his fun personality, I can see it in his face.

  13. Happy Birthday Dalton – many many more!

    hugs – aus and co.


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