winner 4 and yet another update

Man, do I feel blessed to to witness y’all donate so generously to An Orphan’s Wish.

$5648 has been donated so far. But we’re not done yet! We have the Sweet and Sassy Bundle running right now, and one final bundle… (P.S. y’all are not going to believe what is up for grabs in this last bundle). I can hardly wait to see what the total amount raised for AOW will be!

And, woohooo! We have a winner!

The Fabulous Fourth Bundle goes to Kimberly Silar. Congratulations Kimberly — enjoy all your fabulous gifts!

Each and every donation is such a blessing to these kids. An Orphan’s Wish cares for 51 special needs children. But AOW does more than care for these kids. They love them.

And it shows.

Thank you for supporting such an important mission — truly loving the least of these.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter for our Sweet and Sassy Bundle — it closes Friday at midnight!



  1. Wow!!!! I’m so excited for AOW!!!! You rock!!!!

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