Sunday Snapshot: {the dress}

Sophie just turned 9.

And one of her presents was a new dress. One she’d been wanting for a long time.

The moment she put it on, she shined.

She felt beautiful.

She looked beautiful.

And when a girl feels beautiful, it shows.

Seriously. Every girl needs a dress like this.

Happy Birthday to you, our beautiful Sophie Lu.

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Ni Hao Yall

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. You captured her utter happiness so beautifully. A fun new dress is always reason to smile!

  2. So cute! She is beautiful! And man, I can’t believe she is 9 already!

  3. She is beautiful! Lovely dress, too.

  4. what a beautiful young lady :) thanx for hosting!

  5. So pretty!!

  6. The portrait of your daughter is wonderful. The clothes are colorful and comfortable.
    Have a nice Sunday. Best regards, Synnöve

  7. So very cute — love the pastel colors — they compliment her dark hair and beautiful eyes. :)

  8. Gorgeous colors and great moments captured forever!

  9. Look at her wearing that dress……. she looks as proud as a peacock!!!

    so so beautiful Stef!!!

    Can I just say, that I am going to miss that porch…..

    Happy Sunday friend~


  10. I completely agree with that!! She is beautiful. LOVE that dress. Need to pick up or make some for my girls.

  11. I love her outfit! Great porch you have. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Happy birthday Sophie….and what a beautiful dress :-)


  13. Happy Happy Birthday Sophie!!! You are such a precious young lady and my oh my do you look FABULOUS in that dress!!! God bless your sweet heart this day and the whole year through!!

  14. Great dress! Matilda Jane! Love their stuff! (We’ve only gotten it as hand me downs from friends but I still love it.) Sophie does look beautiful!

  15. Happy Birthday Sophie….you look beautiful!


  16. happy 9th birthday, sweet girl. You look mah-ve-lus!

  17. She looks lovely!

  18. Beautiful! I love it!

  19. I have to ask … where do you get their cute dresses ??? I love this one !!! She looks beautiful

  20. Um, yeah she looks amazing in that dress – one of my favorites!! Adorable!! Love love love! Happy bday Sophie Lu!

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