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Oh my goodness, y’all. I am getting too old for this crazy drive-to-Atlanta-stay-up-late-with-adoptive-mamas-sell-Wild-Olive-tees-then-househunt-for-two-days-barely-sleep-and-then-drive-nine-hours-through-a-rainstorm-to-get-home kind of stuff. Asher and I got in last night around dinner and I barely managed to shovel down some spaghetti and meatballs before I fell asleep on the couch. Sitting up.

It was pretty sad.

The good news is that I *think* we found a house. A lovely, solid 6 bedroom house in a great area on a gorgeous piece of land. Hardwood floors. Lots of windows.

But no granite and no travertine. And I didn’t even wince. Woot!

Right now we are praying and waiting. And praying. Praying that the homeowner’s heart will be softened to our offer – because it’s not going to be full price. Praying that God would work out all the financial details. Praying for God to work out all the logistical details. And expectantly waiting to see what He’s going to do.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with y’all just a bit of what I love about this house. Because the house is great.

But it’s the property that I am in love with…

Can y’all see Asher up there? He looks so small surrounded by those big trees!

And wow is the only thing I can say to all the comments y’all blessed me with on my “seven years ago” post. I laughed. I cried. I read every one. I read some of them more than once. Thank so much for making my 7th bloggy birthday my best one yet.

Seriously love y’all.



  1. Matilda Joyce says:

    I’ll say to you what I said to Britt at Gus & Lula – God is your real estate agent! If God wants you to have the house, it’s yours. If not, not…

  2. Oh myyyyyy!! That’s gotta be a “slice of Heaven”!! Perfect!! Those hardwood floors, lots of windows, that trickling brook and trees too!!! C’mon people!! ACCEPT THE OFFER!!! PLEASSSSSSE *smile like that crazy horse of yours and it surely will get your foot in the door* LITERALLY SPEAKING!!! :)

  3. What a beautiful setting…. Some serious adventuring could happen there :) Can’t wait to hear how it all works out.

  4. I know you we’re here for the conference, but are you moving to atlanta? That would be fantastic! I think you would love it here! If not then I am sure you will love your new city! Praying you get your new house!

  5. By the River says:

    Beautiful Land

  6. Oh it sure looks like you have found another beautiful property!!
    Praying that everything falls into place and you will be packing up your things and moving in:)

    Keep us posted and try to get some rest. Sounds like you have been going non stop for the last week~



  7. Awww Stef – we love all y’all right back! When is he going to “take the leash off” and let you do a big reveal on the new job? 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  8. Well this much I can say….it doesn’t look like New England, so I guess you aren’t headed up my way! You are killing us with anticipation!!

  9. Stef, where are you moving? You mentioned Atlanta (which is where I live) but I wasn’t so sure. And this doesn’t really look like Atlanta. I’m dying to know?

  10. It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to hear ALL the news about this move!! The property looks awesome! I’d love to be out in the country like that. I’ve had enough of the concrete here in NYC!! We should know where we are moving any day now!! YEA!!

  11. a stream? or creek or small river– what ever– i’m from colorado so we don’t have running water:) wow is right– what a gorgeous piece of land– we live on 5 acres in the woods with a pond that decides to show up when there’s enough water— and i love the freedom it gives my kids!!!!

  12. and bum– i was hoping you’d move out west to colorado 😛

  13. Oh man…. I doubted it could happen, but looks like you’ve found a place as beautiful (if not more…) than where you are now!! Best to you all!!
    Much love from Ohiooooooo!

  14. Gorgeous Stef! Just gorgeous!!!!

  15. Beautiful property! Hope it all works out and the owners accept your offer!!!

  16. Praying that the house and beautiful land will be delivered to you with a big pink bow on it!!!

    God bless you and your wonderful family. You are proof that God knows what he is doing every single second.

  17. So awesome to meet you face to face. And so, so excited about the new opportunities for your family. :)

  18. It looks beautiful! I always say when we move (which move number ten will be next year!) you can change a house, but you can’t change the surroundings. And those are gorgeous surroundings!

  19. I missed the last post of your blog anniversary! Happy belated one to you! Your blog has been so encouraging to me.
    A friend gave me your site as we are going through an adoption of a 6 year old girl from China with a hand deformity. Neat thing is, we did not know that would be her special need and God used your blog a year in advance to prepare us for her as we have waited the long wait in being matched. Pictures of your Poppy just gave us a longing for that special need even though we were open to several others.Only God can do that. About me. I have two bio boys in college. 21 and 19. My 19 year old has Achondroplasia….dwarfism. We have an 8 year old princess adopted from China and will be traveling to get our 6 year old princess end of March or April. Hear is another neat thing. Recently I was researching my daughter’s hand deformity. After days of reading everything I could get my hands on, i was feeling as though she may have symbrachydactyly. Orthopedists have been hesitant to diagnose until they see her in person. We have no xrays and only a picture. But…as I was feeling overwhelmed a bit, even though we love her and we love her precious hand…..as a mom….just would like to know as much as I can…….I prayed a prayer sitting at my computer. Gave it all to God…..acknowledged my trust in Him….and decided to move on to other things and just wait until we get her home for our answers. I had not checked my favorite blogs for awhile so I clicked on yours first thing. Lo and behold your post about Poppy’s precious “little hand” is what I came to. Tears rolled. Beautiful Post. And what I believe to be confirmation in the diagnosis I had come to believe is our girls’. Our little one has a prominent thumb and partial pinky. No fingers in between. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I have a simple blog that I am trying to get going. Blogged years ago but just didn’t stick with it. Slapped up some pictures from last year to get it updated and will be sharing our trip to China through it. I live North of Atlanta and see you all may be locating here. Let me know if there is anything I could do for you! Please check out my very humble blog. I am not a photographer and the pics you see are from my Iphone! henhappenings@blogspot.com

    • Oops! That should have been henhappenings.blogspot.com

    • NiHaoYall says:

      Wow, I love hearing all God did to give your heart peace about your newest little one :) Congratulations, she is adorable! And her hand looks very much like Poppy’s. Thankfully, symbrachydactyly is easily diagnosed with an x-ray once she is home, but it sounds like you already know in your heart that that is what she has.
      Blessings on your journey!

  20. AnnC in TN says:

    Hi, Stefanie…so Atlanta? That is only 3 hours from Knoxville which is where I live…YAY. I am so excited that you will be within easy driving distance. I have been following your blog for years now. Although I was hopeful that we would be able to adopt again, there are issues (not money) that prevent us from proceeding. Our 2 princesses from China will be enough. So happy that everything is working out for you!!

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