can’t. resist.

Okay, I admit it. I might have a leee-tle bit of an addiction.

But I just can’t help myself.

When the sun is getting low, and Poet is hanging around the fence… I am simply unable to resist.

Must grab my camera. Must see what he’ll do when I point it in his direction.

Every now and then, he’ll even give me one of these.

Keeps me coming back for more.

Man, I love this darn pony.

And yes – I am happy to say he’ll be making the move with us.

My addiction continues.


Linking up with my friend Lisa from The Long Road to China.



  1. Precious pony ever <3

  2. Teehee. Honestly, I was expecting your next post to be about another of your beloved animals – Seamus :)

  3. YES! I’m so glad that Poet gets to make the move. Girl, you can’t leave family behind!!

  4. These photos are great!!!

  5. Glad to hear that Poet will be moving with you – maybe even relieved! 😉

    hugs – aus and co.

  6. So glad to here that Mr. Poet will be coming with the family!! Oh how I love your photos of him:) Brings a smile to my day!

  7. That horse can outdo MR ED anyday in my book!!! LOVE IT!!!

  8. I want a pony!

  9. Gorgeous images and then his true colors show. Love it!!!

  10. I was thinking about how much you were going to miss him when you moved!

  11. That sweet pony is all kinds of awesome! Glad to hear he gets to make the move with you.

    Gin =)

  12. So glad he is moving, but what in the world is he doing in that last photo? Yawning? Chewing something? I am admittedly not real versed on horse facts! :)

  13. Can I tell you that Poet has SO been on my mind since you announced the move! And I was so afraid to ask, thinking I might be bringing up a sad thing. SOOOO relived and happy that he’s coming too! Wooo HOOOO!

  14. Good news about Poet making the move. I love him, too, though we’ve never met. LOVE, love, love the faces he makes. What a great guy. :)

  15. And who can blame you! Poet is absolutely irresistible. I love his name. These pictures are beautiful.

  16. In all fairness…I would be infatuated by this guy too!

  17. That’s so funny!

  18. I just love your horse Poet. What a great name. The picture with his mouth open is my favorite.
    Absolutely adorable. I am a long time horse lover, although I don’t have one at this time.

  19. Beautiful photography and equally beautiful pony. :)

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