Dang, y’all. I am so excited.

Because today, I get to introduce you guys – my orphan-loving, big-hearted friends – to something else that is close to my heart.

The Cupcake Kids.

If you’ve already heard about the Cupcake Kids, you know why I’m so smitten with what they do – and why they do it.

If you’ve never heard of them… well, you must. And because I love them and I love y’all, I’m determined for y’all to meet. Fall in love. And make cupcakes together.

To help make that happen, I’ve got a fun, and completely adorable, giveaway in store.


1. Go visit the Cupcake Kids website. Read all about the work they do to help imprisoned children in Uganda.

2. Get excited! This is a fantastic way to get your kids involved in caring for orphans around the world in a tangible way. I guarantee you, all you have to do is say, “cupcakes!” and your kids will be IN.

3. Pick a date and sign up to host your own cupcake sale. The Cupcake Kids website makes it so easy, y’all. So. Easy. And 100% of the funds you raise will go directly to fund their efforts in Uganda.


If you don’t like baking, or running, there is another way to get involved.

1. Go visit the I Run For Cupcakes page on the Cupcake Kids site.

2. Get excited! Running for imprisoned orphans in Uganda is one heckuva motivation to knock the dust off those running shoes and get going. If you’re not a runner – like me – get excited for someone else to run. Like your husband.

3. Register yourself, or your chosen participant (with their consent, of course) for I Run For Cupcakes. The site makes it super easy, you can even create a donation link to send friends and family. Join the IRFC team in Nashville for the half-marathon in late April, or you can join an event closer to home (or create your own!) on any day you choose. What a fantastic way to engage your friends, family and community on behalf of the orphan.


Okay, so here’s the giveaway part. We’ll be giving away FIVE super-cute-limited-edition Cupcake Kids t-shirt like Tallula is wearing above – available in kids and women’s sizes. To enter, just visit the Cupcake Kids site and sign up to host a cupcake sale or sign up to participate in an I Run For Cupcakes run. Then come back here and leave me a comment to let me know what you’re going to do so I can jump up and down and celebrate you and your orphan-loving heart.

Winners will be selected randomly (or by a 3 year old) from all comments left between now and Friday, February 15th at midnight EST. I’ll announce the winners on Sunday the 17th.

I’m getting in on this too, y’all. No, I’m not running. But I am going to gather my kiddos and make some rockin’ cupcakes. And I can’t wait. Just picturing it – my Chinese-American kiddos, with their German-Irish-Scottish-American mama, making cupcakes for orphans in Uganda – makes me smile so big. It’s a pretty sweet picture of the gospel in action.

If you’re in the Birmingham area and have some ideas on a location that might work for spring/summer – I’m thinking maybe a big church or an adoption/orphan event? – please let me know. I would love to join forces with some other orphan-loving mamas and their kiddos to help raise awareness through something as simple and sweet as a cupcake.

Because seriously, who doesn’t love a cupcake?

So go grab your kids, take them to the Cupcake Kids website and pick a way to participate. Sign up to host a sale or Run for Cupcakes and then come back here and let me know. And then we can get our cupcakes on together.



  1. I love cupcakes and Cupcake Kids!! What a great way to get involved and help!

  2. Big church in B-ham? How about David Platt’s? Ya know – the guy who wrote Radical? (incredible book)
    The Church at Brookhills
    3145 Brook Highland Parkway
    Birmingham AL, 35242

    Bet they could help ya with a Cupcake run.

    Have friends adopting from Ethiopia. Was Congo until recently.

    • Yep, thought of that, just don’t know anyone that goes there šŸ˜‰ It would be great to have someone who already attends to help put a Cupcake sale together!

  3. Currently I have a cupcake “business” that all the proceeds go to our adoption from Africa. But, you better believe when we get that little guy home we will be doing one of these! Already liked their facebook page. We are “cupcaking” our son home! So my kids orphans are the only reason you sell cupcakes. :) My littlest told the grocery store cashier today, “We gotta buy lots of sugar cause my moms a cupcake baker for our orphan…” Well, she got most of it anyway…

  4. This is wonderful! I will be talking to our youth Leader at church to set up a cupcake sale! So great!! Can we buy the t-shirts for the kids to wear at the sale? Are they for sale as well? It would be cute to have them all wearing the Cupcake kids shirts. I can’t wait! Thank you for sharing about this amaing Ministry!!

    • LOVE it, Amy! Keep me posted on your upcoming sale!
      And I will try to find out if the shirts are still for sale – would be SO cute to have all the kids wearing their Cupcake Kids tees :)

      • We want those amazing tshirts for everyone to wear during the sale too!!!! Please let us know where we can get them…so exicted to be able to be a part of what God is doing!!!

  5. Stephanie…I won’t be doing this, because, well…I have a sweet, very generous hearted little girl (from China) who is bent on doing something for the orphans left in China. She brought up the idea of doing a fundraiser to send money over there, so we’ve been making beaded jewelry, and will likely add some other items, as well…to sell and raise funds to send to the orphanage she came from or another? We’re not exactly sure how to carry this out, but, we’re on a roll making things. If you have any ideas about how to make this work, LMK, k? I’m open. Thanx so much. :)

    • We do things for the kids who wait in China – send Christmas gifts, sponsor kids, send handwritten cards and notes and pray for orphans in China. So I know what you mean – letting your daughter live out her desire to ‘love others’ is a beautiful thing.
      I think the Cupcake Kids is an awesome way to give our children an even bigger picture – there are orphans all over the world. And the fact that we can bless them, and support their care through cupcakes, well… it’s a win-win :) And I’m jumping at the chance because my kiddos can’t wait to help in this way!

  6. Lula makes a perfect cupcake model! I’m going to show my peeps and see if we can get a fundraiser together at our homeschool co-op. What a great idea!

  7. Hi Stefanie! I am beyond excited to find out about this! I am in the process of encouraging my daughters 7th grade class to participate in a girls Bible study. We haven’t had a ton of interest so far and I have been hoping I could peak their interest with a fun “project”. This is perfect! We are actually getting together tonight for a taco bar and I cannot wait to tell them about this! We will choose a date and sign up! Thank you! Kim

    • Woohooo! This would be PERFECT for 7th grade girls, they could probably make some gorgeous cupcakes, too :) Can’t wait to hear all about it, Kim!

  8. Beautiful

  9. Stefanie!

    I just signed up for our Cupcake Kids stand. We will have our sale at my husband’s chiropractic office! Our stand’s name is Chiro Kid’s Cupcakes ;0)

    We will have our sale on Wednesday, May 1st!! Very excited about our sale. Our youngest has been wanting a way to help out the orphans. He’s been looking to pack up his room and send his things to them. If he knew how to logistically, his room would be empty now!!

    Thank you for sharing that this was cupcake time! I’ve read about this on Colleen’s blog before, but forgot at what time of the year the sale was, so THANK YOU!!

    I’m going to click over to Wild Olive. I hope you guys have the cupcake kids t-shirts for sale. IF not, is 60 Feet selling them??

    Blessings to you!!


    • Woohooo! That’s such exciting news, Kate! And your littlest sounds absolutely precious – love that selfless heart of his! Let me know how the sale goes, and be sure to take some pics! I wanna see :)
      P.S. Waiting to hear about the shirts, I’ll post here as soon as I find out if the shirts are still available!

  10. She is such a sweet and spicy little girl. I just love her chubby cheeks and her chubby smile! šŸ˜€ And I also love your editing on these pics. <3

  11. What a great organization! Can’t wait to get my kids involved and hopefully my church too!

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