the shirt

Lots of y’all have asked where to get the Cupcake Kids t-shirt for your kiddos to wear when you have your cupcake sale. Eeee! I am so excited for those of you who have already signed up for your Cupcake Kids sale – please take pictures and send some to me, m’kay? I wanna seeee!

Okay, enough of me. Here is the link where you’ll find all the Cupcake Kids gear. So cute!


And, don’t forget, we are giving away FIVE of these adorable tees.

To enter, go to the Cupcake Kids website and sign up to host a sale or Run for Cupcakes and then come back here and let me know.

And then we make cupcakes for orphans in Uganda, together.



  1. Thank You Stefanie!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend!!!!

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