the stuff of childhood.

I mentioned the other day that my girls are kinda-sorta into being princesses.

“Kinda-sorta” meaning they eat, sleep and breathe it.

Thanks to some Tar-jay gift cards from a beloved Aunt and Uncle, they are now doing all of the above.

While looking like Princesses.

Meet Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Who – for the last 3 days – have refused to take off their princess-y gowns. Even to sleep.

If sticktoitiveness is a characteristic of being a princess, these girls are in.



  1. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty call me “Mama”! Those dress-up clothes are their favorite playthings by a longshot! But, fyi, if you don’t have the shoes to go with the dresses—skip ’em. Skip ’em good. Those little suckers are unbelievably loud on wood floors! :-)
    Your princesses are just adorable!!!

  2. oh boy have we been thru the PRINCESS PHASE. Your PRINCESSES are ADORABLE!! We have been thru the “princess phase”, now it’s “ALL THINGS HORSES”!! From books of horses to stuffed ones….she STILL dreams of having a REAL one!!

    Try explaining to a 5yr old that there is no where to keep a horse in a townhouse, not even a “baby one” !! Oh boy!!

  3. They are very pretty princesses indeed, I wouldn’t have the heart to even try to convince them that now and then even princesses wear pyjama’s…
    You are such a lucky mama to get to kinda-sorta live with them!

  4. my girl is all about princesses too, i still marvel that she calls me Cinderella, her daddy “Pince Tarming” and her sister Belle. She of course is Snow White and wants her hair to grow as long as “Punzel’s”…LOL

  5. They are absolutely GORGEOUS princesses!

  6. Yeah, I’d totally let those sweet princesses wear their gowns for as long as they wanted =)..

  7. I love Lula checking out her bodice. It’s like she’s thinking, “Hmmm, it’s a little roomy up here.”

    It looks like your two little princesses are getting along well now? Maya unfortunately wants XiXi to play princess with her and he’s happy to oblige. We try to convince him to be the prince rather than princess at least some of the time!

  8. A-DORABLE!!! I truly do love seeing EVERY photo of your beautiful little princesses!! 😉

    Oh man, do I miss that phase!! And boy, do I look forward to seeing my new little princess all decked out! Bet her big sister will even join in! :) You make me want a big brood like yours Stefanie! Don’t tell my husband, he isn’t prepared!! Hehe!!

    How long til you guys start the move? We are trying to get down to Alabama to do some house shopping in the next few weeks for our upcoming move! Can’t wait!

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