randomness + an update

This must be random because I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got right now. I am truly all over the place.

And I’m speckling this post with the photos to prove it.

I’ve had a really hard couple o’ weeks. Losing my sweet girl was awful, no way around it. But the nightmare of her death was made even worse by the week before – when every. single. one. of my kids got sick.

My laptop died and ugly death.

And my washing machine decided to follow suit.

P.S. What happens to a laundry room with this many people producing laundry and no washer is not pretty. Not pretty at all.

I am so ready to move, y’all. Have loved, loved, LOVED living here. Seriously, have thanked the Lord just about daily for the blessings we’ve experienced here.

But – as God so sweetly does – He’s breaking us of this place we have loved so much. It’s time to go.

Packers come on Monday and will be here through Wednesday when they pull out with all our earthly possessions packed into an 18-wheeler.

We’ll be not-too-far behind them with our crew – a caravan of my man driving the ponies followed by me and all the young uns. Screaming and asking “When will we be there?” every 3.698 minutes, no doubt.

We should make for quite the spectacle going down I-20 between Atlanta and Birmingham.

Honk if you see us.

Can’t wait to get into our new place. Chris has the keys now and has been working to get the place ready for our arrival.

“Our” arrival mainly meaning the ponies. The house is move-in ready. But the property needed some tweaks to get ready for our big four-legged friends. Let’s just say, March 20th was our wedding anniversary and we celebrated by having a beautiful wood paddock put in right next to the creek.

They’re gonna love it.

I’m pretty sure the rest of us will, too.

Counting down the days until we begin the adventure that God has waiting for us in Alabama.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet emails and FB messages y’all have sent to check in on me. I am doing better – every day I feel a little less sad. And, in honor of my fog beginning to lift, I thought I’d share the above picture that Poppy drew. Of me.

She pretty much pegged me. Other than the thighs.

The good news is, since then I’ve showered and have managed to curtail the incessant crying.

Small victories.



  1. “Other than the thighs.” Too funny.
    Hugs to you as you move!

  2. Welcome to Birmingham (soon)!! So glad to have y’all here with us. We’re in the Oak Mountain area – so if you’re moving in and find yourself in need of some kid sitters while getting settled, please let me know. I’ve got a 15 year old daughter in need of a job to pay for a mission trip to China this summer. :-) Hope all goes smoothly on the remainder of your move!

  3. I’ve been praying for you and I am so glad to hear you are looking up and ahead.
    I know exactly the feeling you are describing of “God breaking us of this place.” Slowly but surely I see Him moving in the hearts of my kids, breaking them of their choke hold on the luxuries of the States. Pulling on their hearts to look past their wants and see the possibilities He can use us for in South America. These are exciting times for sure!
    Will continue to lift you up through the chaos that comes with moving!
    Many Hugs!

  4. I love reading your blog! I have been playing catch up and while looking at one of your adoption posts, my newly adopted 10 yr. old Chinese son wanted me to tell your son that it’s not good to hold a baby tiger and feed it. He needs to be careful! ha!

    We are praying for your family as you begin your new adventure. Lifeline was our agency and we LOVE them. Birmingham is a great area (my grandmother grew up there!) and it’s beautiful. Enjoy every minute of your new home ( I will not covet, I will not covet..) and your new life. God has something big in store for you all!!

  5. Must be the week for washers, and anniversaries! I celebrated my 12th and my washer died so my husband and I gave ourselves a new washer and dryer as a gift.

    I hope your move goes well. We drove 3,286 miles last summer when we moved from Kentucky to Seattle. It honestly was one of my favorite ‘vacations’. But I was only travel with a husband, two kids and a puppy!

  6. Patricia/NYC says:

    GOOD LUCK with your move!!!!! Such exciting stuff in store for all of you!

  7. I will honk when I see ride through the ATL!!!

  8. Best of luck with the move, Stefanie!!! This new chapter in your life is ALL GOOD and ALL GOD!!! Will be praying for great things for all of you!

    And sorry to read about your sweet girl. So glad she’s comfortable now:) It’s never easy losing pets though…

    Wishing you many blessings,
    Lisa Murphy

  9. Wish you were gonna be in our area of AL (Athens)! Will pray for your move and that you find an amazing church family there!!!

  10. Sorry about your girl… I hope this move will distract you a little. You new home looks absolutely fabulous… and a new paddock for the horses…eeeeks!!! So awesome, what a great God we serve.


    PS – LOVE Poppy’s picture! :)

  11. Love the picture. It reminds me of the days when my little girl would always draw me skinnier and prettier than I am in real life. She always made me look like a beautiful princess.

    I will keep your family in my prayers as you move into the next chapter (adventure) in your life.

  12. I love it when our children give us a view of ourselves through their eyes. It is usually startlingly accurate to fit the moment. Praying for an easy move for you guys and peace in your heart. P.S. March 20th is our anniversary too!

  13. We lost our dog right before we moved from NC. I, too, believe it was a heavenly way of helping us disconnect from our home there. I would never have glanced out our bay window without looking for her chasing a squirrel or napping in the sun. Every day will finally get a little better.

  14. Praying all goes well for your family.

  15. praying all goes well with your family.
    best of luck on the move.

    take care

  16. wishing you best of luck with the move!!

  17. Kate Hawk says:

    Stefanie, my heart ached for you all when I read your post about velvet. It’s been a year since we lost our Max. Gods timing is always best. Perhaps you’ll be so very busy with setting up your new home that the busy-ness will keep your attention while your Father heals the sadness. I pray bountiful blessings, gifts, and wonderful surprises as you all begin this new journey!

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