Sunday Snapshot: you go, girl.

She was the subject of my very first Sunday Snapshot. Over three years ago.

And today seemed a perfect day to do it again.

Because there is much to celebrate.


Isabelle’s teacher called me on Friday. With some news.

Evidently, Isabelle’s reading level was recently tested.


At the end of the year last year, Isabelle was reading at a level H – one level behind grade level.

And we were beside ourselves with excitement… she had gone from being a non-reader to a level H in just 9 months.


The teacher called to tell me that Isabelle’s goal for this year – for all 2nd graders – is to be on level M by the end of the school year.

And she was just tested at level N.

I cried.


She went on to tell me that, beyond Isabelle’s accomplishments in reading, Isabelle is now the resident encourager to the other kids in her special reading class.

“Come on, you can do it!” she’ll say when someone else is struggling. “Don’t give up!”

I cried more.


So this weekend we celebrated Isabelle. Chocolate cake and neapolitan ice cream with sprinkles. A movie she’s been wanting to see. A lot of praise for how far she has come.

And a whole lot of excitement about how far she’ll go.

You go, girl. You go.

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. What great news! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Tamara Mafli says:

    You actually made ME tear up, and she’s not even my daughter – but I know the heart of a Mom, and how I’ve felt when my daughter has a break through with something they’ve tried so hard to master! Your heart wants to burst! Hooray for Isabelle!!! I’m so happy for her, and for you! She’s unstoppable now…

  3. Oh I so glad you celebrated her! What a special occasion for a very special girl!

  4. Ahh! So fun! My heart is bursting! Go Isabelle!

  5. Good for her! And you too. My favorite is the second shot…how happy she is.

  6. What a wonderful moment! We have a seven year old from China that has been home for three years. Your post gives me hope that our little girl will also catch up in time! Way to go, Isabelle! Your post brought tears to my eyes! So happy to hear you celebrated that special moment as I am also a first grade teacher! A proud moment for all of you!

  7. Patricia/nyc says:

    I LOVE this post!! Way to go, Isabelle!!

  8. How super – and what an accomplishment! And how sweet that she’s the encourager for the other kids, too! All things definitely worth celebrating! And of course, great photos, as always!

  9. Yay Isabelle!!!!!! This made me cry!! SO proud of your precious little READER!!! 😀

  10. Way to go Isabelle!! That’s awesome! And that last shot is fantastic!

    Gin =)

  11. Beautiful.

  12. Sooo beautiful!

  13. Way to go! I’m having trouble linking up for some reason. Says I need a “backlink” and have no clue what that means. Anyways, is the link to my Sunday Snapshot!

    • NiHaoYall says:

      You need to have a link back here to Ni Hao Y’all somewhere in your post. I saw you had the button uploaded, but it doesn’t link back here – you can just add a text link and it should work just fine :)

  14. Great Job, Isabelle!

  15. So cute and I love that outfit on her! :)

  16. SUPER news, and great images to go along with it!

  17. God is so good!! I rejoice and celebrate with you and Isabelle!! Yay!!!

  18. Oh man! You totally got me with this one….. YAY! So excited and proud and thrilled. Reading is THE BEST :) Hugs and kisses all over your sweet face Isabelle, for your GRAND accomplishment 😉

  19. awesome news

  20. So awesome. Congratulations…an accomplishment that totally deserves the party!

  21. Hillary Glauser-Patton says:

    Oh such big smiles with you! Praise Him!

  22. You go girl, indeed! Congratulations Isabelle!!!

  23. The reading teacher in me is celebrating with her!!! That is so awesome! Yay!!!! :) the mom in me is crying – I’m so happy for her/you. With a son that struggles and struggles I know how hard it is to watch on this end. :) the chocolate lover in me is saying “Ohhhh! chocolate cake! yummy!” I love it when a family celebrates like this. Great Post! Congratulations to your girl! She rocks!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness, this made my heart so happy!
    As a 1st grade teacher, this kind of growth is why I do what I do!
    Go Isabelle Go!

  25. Oh my goodness- isn’t that fabulous news. She is just so lovely & you capture her beautiful spirit so well here.

  26. Way to go!

  27. Oh I love, love, love. What a sweet heart in a sweet (and smart!) girl.

  28. BEST DAY EVER…with sprinkles on it! You go girl!!

  29. What wonderful worlds await her in all the books she’ll devour! What a day to celebrate!!!

  30. Congratulations, Isabelle! :)

  31. Way to go Isabelle! What an awesome example you are to your classmates! You can do anything, with lots of work, dedication and a great attitude, sounds like you embody all three sweet girl!

  32. Congratulations, Isabelle! Way to go!

  33. Wow, Isabelle!!!!! That is a BIG deal! You are one smart, determined little girl. Can I have a little bit of what you’ve got? Congratulations from our family to you!

  34. Well, this is just a total, straight up encouragement to me. If Isabelle can do it then my Hannah can too. Jesus and time heal SO much. I stand amazed :))

  35. Beautiful! What wonderful news…I cried reading this post. Blessings!

  36. This is my first time linking up, so thank you for hosting! A big congratulations to Isabelle! As a teacher, I know what an accomplishment this is for her and for you. Parents make a world of difference, so great job momma! :)

  37. Special kids with beautiful hearts – how could we be without them? Glad to see she is doing so well and also has compassion and concern for others.

  38. Way to go Isabelle…you made me cry too!

  39. Celebrating with you!! YAY Isabelle- You go girl!!

  40. Campbell says:

    Incredible phenomenal news!!! Oh Isabelle you are MAGNIFICENT!!!!

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