thinking ahead…

to the next Bible study.

Right now I’m studying Knowing God by J. I. Packer. And it’s good. So glad to be studying it with a group of women, not only to help me learn more, but to keep me accountable.

Because Packer? He aintmessinaround. Good stuff. Big stuff. But sometimes big stuff makes me want to go eat a cookie or three. And then I get distracted when I’m eating the cookie, and never come back to my book.

I neeeed that accountability. To keep me from straying and keep me on task. Because that is where the good stuff is — committing to something, following it through and watching your relationship with the Lord grow because of it.

For the next study I’m thinking of sharing it here, on the blog. And I would love to have y’all join in – either through commenting here or through your own blog posts that you link up below my weekly posts. Because y’all know a lot about me. But I’d love to get to know a lot about you. My hope is to form a little community here of like-minded women who want to get to know and love Jesus more.

Here are some studies I’m thinking about for my next Bible study, staring late April-ish.

Would love to hear what y’all think. And if y’all have read any of these, what you thought.

Also, if you have any recommendations, please share in the comments.

P.S. You can click on the book to read more about each one.






Give me a shout out if you’d consider joining in on this next study, would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment or email me privately through the link in the right sidebar.



  1. I’d absolutely love to join you and I love the link up idea!

  2. A Praying Life is FABULOUS! I have had all my key ministry partners where I work read it, the team I work with read it, and have given it to pretty much all my loved ones. It’s the book on prayer I wish someone had written ages ago – and, because I work with special needs families, too, I think I especially loved that he shared bits of his own journey with their daughter who is autistic, and how that’s shaped his prayer life.

    If you don’t do it as a study, absolutely still read it. It’s one of those books I know I’ll continue to reread and perpetually have on my nightstand table

  3. Hillary Glauser-Patton says:

    “A Praying Life” is currently sitting in my stack of books to read this year. I’d do it, or any of the others, hands down. Would love such accountability and discussion.

  4. I would love to be a part of this study. I was unable to do the facebook study, so I would look forward to this on your blog. Being in a group study helps me to see and understand so much more. I can’t wait to be a part of this group. Thank you for doing these studies.

  5. Such a good idea :)

    The books look good…especially Follow Me, ive heard really good things about it. I havent read it, but i have read his other book titled Radical…it was amazing!

    Cant wait until you start!

  6. Would love to be a part of this book study! The only one that doesn’t sound appealing to me is the marriage once since I’m not married. :-)

  7. This sounds great! I vote for Gods at war or The reason for God. Thank you!

  8. In!!!!

  9. I’m currently in my very first small group and we are doing Crazy Love. I would be interested in any you choose. My son is reading A Reason For God right now. I’m sure he would loan it to me:)

  10. Kelly Pazzaglia says:

    I would love to join you! I really need that accountability right now. My vote is for Follow Me, but wouldn’t mind doing any of the other ones. Thanks!

  11. I would love to join. I too need the accountability. I find that studying God’s word every day with a group of friends makes life even more beautiful

  12. Great idea I might just hop on board! I’ve read crazy love, and started Radical and they are amazing books, Follow Me sounds great but I’m sure they’re all great books.

  13. Stefanie!! Oh my goodness, please please please!!!! I need that accountability you speak of!! I have NEVER done a bible study, but oh how I want to and don’t know where to start!!!

    I will wait for you to decide that pray that you choose one that will minister to me and to all of your friends who join in!!

    Thank you!!!
    Lisa M.

  14. Kelly Payne says:

    LOVE the idea!!! I am in!!!

  15. When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fikkert

    This one has changed the way our church is thinking about and doing everything from our partnership with an orphanage through Hope Chest to our outreach to our neighborhood. We want to maximize the “helping”that our helping does!

    Uprooting Anger by Robert Jones

    If I could build a side-holster for a book, this one would be strapped to my leg.

  16. Wonderful idea! I’ll be waiting for my book assignment! Thanks!

  17. I’d love to do the Reason for God. (or anything by Timothy Keller, really!)

  18. When y’all get to bham, there is an amazing study being taught in lots of churches called idol worship. It’s one if the best studies I’ve ever done! I can get you more info when you get here. Robyn

  19. Ohhhhhhh …..Packer DEEP! 😉 Well, to me… it was. I’ve been thinking lately about a new study too! I’ve recently read/bible study with Kyle Idleman’s “Not a Fan” book. Talk about EYE-OPENING! Wow! I loved it! Love Kyle’s writing style! So, God at War would be Great! However, someone just gave my husband the “Follow Me” book & I’m itching to read it.. since he hasn’t even Touched it yet! lol! I feel like… it’s calling my name! HA!
    This is a Great Idea by the way!

  20. Count me in!! So excited :)

  21. I’d love to join in whichever one you chose. Many thanks,

  22. I would love to join you! My vote would be for “A Praying Life” as I think a lot of Christians (including myself here) have lost sight of the importance of this. Sometimes we forget that this is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, our families, our ministries, etc. I will be excited to join on whatever one you choose!

  23. so there– so there– but man– the choices— i’ll do whatever– they each spoke to me– marriage? yep– idols in my life– heck ya– typing on it right now! and praying is my sea area– so all books are awesome choices!

  24. Mommato6 says:

    Would love to do “A Praying Life”. Paul Miller goes to my church and it is a great book. It’s so good I would love to read it again and implement some of the prayer cards as well as discuss it with you all. I have sat under his teachings and he is amazing.

  25. I’ll probably join your next study, too. I like the marriage one. Christian marriage is under such attack from the enemy these days.

  26. Platt’s book is AWESOME; much like Radical it inspires you with JESUS into a life of devotion. My husband says the Reason for God is also great. He just finished leading a study group at our church through it…lots of people thought it was challenging reading, though. He found that surprising. just food for thought!

  27. Tim Keller–marriage……

  28. I know I haven’t been very active with this one but I am reading in the group and in the book. I would love to do the next one to, even if it just keeps me reading and learning. They are all great but would love the marriage one:)

  29. I would like to join and I’m game for just about anything.

  30. Lisa Pilcher says:

    I would ike to join in whatever you choose:)

  31. I’m in in in!!!! 😀

  32. Kim Rop says:

    I’m in too! Another great study that I have done is by Francis Chan called We Are Church. It was awesome… Any of the above look good to me!

  33. Stefanie,

    I love all your titles!

    A Praying Life was A-MAZING! But, so was his other book: Love Walked Among Us. Have you read it? Have you heard of it? Seriously great, Gospel stuff.

    And, how about this one? Keep it in mind in future?

  34. Christy D. says:

    I have , and have started , A Praying Life. I am truly up for any of the titles that I have not heard of… new books and love to read.
    We have been home for almost 3 months ( went through Lifeline…congrats to Chris and the new job!) and I have not been able to go back to my Wednesday morning Bible study and I really miss it.

    Can’t wait !

  35. Lea Anne Thomas says:

    I’d love to join too. I’ve done a few of the Lysa TerKeurst books. I’m game for anything but am interested in strengthening my marriage.

  36. I would be interested. They all look good!

  37. I’d love to join you too! A Praying Life sound interesting!

  38. I would love to join in this. Please let me know which book, and when. (Though David Platt scares me–I have his book Radical, and I gotta say, his tone pushes me away).

  39. I would love to join.

  40. I just finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan with a group of friends. VERY good! Convicting . . . in a good way.

  41. I like the sound of The Reason for God, and A Praying Life. I admit, I was doing the FB group…but I stopped because I just didn’t connect with the book and found myself not being able to get through it. I like the idea of you doing the study on your blog. That way more people can participate. I admit then I wouldn’t feel pressured (by my own self!) to keep trying to read it/understand it if I didn’t connect with the text.

  42. I want to be in again.

  43. In. Any. All.

  44. Would love to join in too. I haven’t been able to attend a Bible study group since bringing home our girls and would love to be connected with other christian women while growing in my walk of faith. I haven’t read any of the books you are thinking of so would go with any one of them. Thanks!

  45. I’m gonna have to be partial to my pastor’s book Follow Me:) I haven’t read it yet but have heard lots of great things. We are doing Multiply right now and Im taking a Bible class at church so Im loaded down with books right now! Maybe by April I’ll be ready to add another book:) Congrats on the move! If you happen to visit The Church at Brook Hills you have to stop by the tots room and say hi to Nate (Xavier from AOW). It was your post advocating for him that lead us to adopt. Thank you, he is nothing but pure joy!

  46. I’d love to join in with you! I’ve been wanting to read Follow Me by David Platt but like most people are saying, whatever book you decide on will be great!

  47. Bham Beck says:

    Wanna join this party. Platt or Keller are my faves.

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