where we’re going

We got it, y’all.

Mounds of paperwork have been accumulated.

Credit history has been checked. And rechecked.

Savings has been drained.

But we are set.

And one week from today, we’ll be owners.

*note: pictures of the inside of the house will have to wait. I didn’t take any. Sorr-ay… I guess I kind of forgot.*


I had prayed before I went house-huntingwithout my husband, oh my! – that I would have the sense to choose the best house for our family. That God would direct my path.

And He did. In fact, when we saw this house – Asher, my mom and my niece accompanied me – we all loved it. It felt like home. So much so that my mom and I prayed, right there in the driveway, that God would make this house our new home.

But there were some hurdles to jump.

The house wasn’t actually on the market. And it was significantly more than we could afford.

But we serve a mighty big God.

I came home from the trip and we poured over all the information, pictures and video I brought home from the 17 houses we saw. And still, this was the only house we wanted.

So we prayed, looked at our finances, researched, and prayed some more. And then we made an offer. A looowwwww offer, almost 10% off the asking price that had previously been reduced.

And just a few hours later we heard back. The owner counter-offered… just $5000 more.

We accepted.

And here we are.

The house is perfect for us. 4500 square feet of living space, y’all. I won’t even know what to do with myself — that’s 1 1/2 times bigger than our house now. And way bigger than any house we’ve ever had.

It has six bedrooms. S.I.X. Upstairs has three bedroom and a bath – the girls’ floor! Main level has the master – hello, privacy! And the lower level has a man-cave and two bedrooms – boys’ paradise.

Crown molding and 9′ ceilings. Hardwoods. And a heckuva view.

The big kitchen opens up to a porch that overlooks the back of the property.

All 13 acres of it.

Seriously. My stomach flips when I think that we will actually get to live in this house. On this land. I waited and waited, praying daily that God would direct our path. Because, as much as we wanted this place, we wanted His plan more.

Last night we finally exhaled. The long-awaited appraisal came in for more than we’re paying.

And it felt like a hug from the best Father in the world.

So today we’re celebrating. As sad as we are to leave our beloved plantation home, we are so, so excited to see all that God has for us in Alabama.

We’re thinking it’s going to be good.

P.S. Did y’all see that amazing out building we’ll have out back? It’s 40×50 and ah-mazing. What will we do with it? Homeschool? Photography? It overlooks the creek. And I can just imagine evenings sitting on that porch and watching the kids – and the ponies – play.



  1. Congratulations, Stefanie!!! It’s breathtaking!!!! When’s the big move???? Can’t wait to see new photos in your new home!!!

  2. Wow…..amazing place, congratulations :-) Alot of amazing photospots!!

  3. Welcome to Alabama!!! You will love it here!! The house is BE-U-TIFUL!!!!!!

  4. oh stefanie, it looks lovely!!

    i am so happy for you, my friend!

    God is so good!!!


  5. It’s beautiful! Congratulations! I’ve bought many homes in my years but I’ve always stuck to my gut feeling. If I walked in and I felt like I was home, that was it.

  6. Kim Rop says:

    I LOVE it!! Was that a stained glass studio I saw? I make stained glass and I would love to have that workspace. Hope it’s smooth sailing through the closing for your family. Congrats!

  7. Stefanie, it is GORGEOUS! So very, very happy for your family and all that God has in store for you in AL! I thought of you all yesterday when we had a group for Lifeline come visit us at our foster home here in China. They are all WONDERFUL!


  8. As much as I really wanted you as a neighbor here in Iowa … WOW! … I love the new house/outbuilding/stream/acres of land … and that cool loft-ladder. And the front shot of the house with all those angles? So beautiful!!! Best wishes as you pack up and settle again. :-) –Valerie

  9. WOW. Amazing. Congrats.

  10. ok–

    i know it’s wrong to covet.

    but i’m so coveting your stream.

    you have a stream.

    i have 6 kids, 4 of whom are boys- and the things they could do in that stream.. well.

    i covet it.

    and yes– you have to homeschool in the big old second house thing.. or put all the girls in there when they go thru puberty. or maybe the boys since boys smell more.

    or make it a mom-cave for when you just seriously need break- and it’s where you store all your chocolate and diet root beers.

    love it.


  11. I love it! Isn’t God amazing! Seeing this is so encouraging as we begin apt hunting in Zhongshan. We expect a flower and then God provides us a garden instead!!!

  12. …and for that outbuilding…I’m thinking resthome/ retreat for missionaries home on furlough! LOL (just being selfish here!)

  13. Welcome Home! It is beautiful….

  14. Congratulations! So happy for y’all! Can’t wait to see more. Continued prayers for the moving process!

  15. It looks like it was built just for your family!!! What a wonderful home!

  16. Soooo happy for you and your family. I really enjoy your blog although I don’t comment much….

  17. Jill Shelton says:

    Yeah! Congrats! Absolutely breath taking! So happy for you guys!!
    Keep your eyes out for a rental for us :) headed there this summer- sent you a text xoxox

  18. If home is where the heart is then sister, you have a beautiful heart. Congrats on an amazing house that I know you and your family will turn into a warm home.

  19. Awesome! So exciting! Congratulations!

  20. We’re going to be Alabamans together!! :) We think we’ll be heading to Mobile at the end of June. Unfortunately my house hunting has been through Zillow so far, with a house hunting trip planned for April. Congrats Stefanie! The house and land look amazing… I’m curious… Do you find yourself singing sweet home Alabama in your head all the time now too??? 😉

  21. Tamara Mafli says:

    Oh. My. Word! I am so excited for you! It’s like you found my dream home, but you’re actually going to get to live in it! God is so good!! Congratulations!

  22. Steph!!!! I am so very happy for you all!!!! I can’t wait to see the inside pics!!!

  23. How awesome!!! Congratulations!!

  24. ALABAMA?!!!!!???!!!!! I thought ya’ll were going to Atlanta!! I’m in Alabama in Birmingham!!!!!!!!! 😀 EEEEEKKKKK!!!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!! Are you willing to give city? WIth as much land as your on, I’m wondering if ya’ll are near us!

  25. Oh man!!!!!! I love it even more now!!! And I am diggin’ your out building…there is some serious fun to be had out there. I love the way the Lord has answered your prayers and provided abundantly for all-y’all!! (that’s a technical term). :) Love you!!!

  26. Laurel Gatesman says:

    Congratulations! I will miss the photos on your porch, but can’t wait to see the beautiful new nooks you find to take photos in. My youngest will be thrilled when there are pictures of the *ponies* at play! :)

  27. Diana R. says:

    This reminds me so much of our house in Nashville!!! So excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seeing a photography studio in your future!!!!!! Enjoy every minute of this amazing blessing!!!!!!

    Sorry I am not there to help you move in.. I am pretty good at getting that kitchen organized!!!!!


  28. That looks amazing!! Such a gorgeous house! I’m sure you’ll find something to do with all that space :)

  29. Valerie P says:

    I grew up in the area where (I think) you’re moving! Beautiful new home for a beautiful family. Welcome to Alabama! Better decide “who ‘ya for” (Auburn or Alabama)! That was the first question our neighbor friends asked us kids! :)

  30. YAY!!!! So exciting!!! Something I keep hearing over and over in church this month-When you live a GREATER life for God, He will Bless you :) (Greater being the steps of faith He has called you to take. ) Congrats!!!!

  31. I am so thrilled for you!!!! Thank you Stef for being such a great example of keeping your head up and your eyes on God through the ups and downs and all that comes with living your life for HIM!

  32. Really, SO excited!!!
    I might actually get to meet you in person! I feel like I know you already because I have emailed you for advice a couple of times…plus I have been reading your blog for a long time.
    I know you used Lifeline for one of your adoptions, and had Karla (the most awesome social worker) like we did.
    We have used them for two adoptions now, and I’m so excited about your news!
    So happy you found the perfect home.
    I have GOT to see those kiddos in person one day!
    Lots of love,

  33. Kate Hawk says:

    How AWESOME is our God?!!! Such a beautiful home Stefanie! I can’t wait to see what amazing plans he has for you all.
    Many blessings and his favor over you all as you pack, move and begin to grow roots in Alabama.

  34. AWESOME Stefanie!!!!!!! It is just beautiful! Praising the Lord for you all!!!!

  35. wow. simply breathtaking. enjoy your new paradise! cannot wait to see & hear more, especially the kids’ reactions!

  36. Welcome to Alabama. We are in Huntsville. Your place looks beautiful. Enjoy our southern hospitality and sweet tea! Oh, and remember, “ROLL TIDE!”.

  37. I’m so excited for you!! When we finally found the lot we ended up building on it was like it was all too good to be true! So glad you found a house and property that makes your hearts sing! “The blessing of The Lord makes rich, and he adds no sorrow to it!” Proverbs 10:22

    I can’t wait to see the inside!

    xo ellie

  38. Ashley Johnson says:

    Congrats on the move to B’ham! You will love it here. We sure do. My dear friend Garth works for Lifeline and has already met your husband. Maybe I will run into you guys at the banquet next year. I hope the transition is smooth and that you can feel home here!

  39. AMAZING!!! Love it! So beautiful just from these pics!

    We have a story somewhat similar in the making. ONLY God the way it is all working out.

    We have a contract on 15 acres and a 3,000 sq. ft. house with 3,000 more unfinished in the basement (that we plan to finish). Sellers signed our offer today. :) Now we just need the appraisal and we’re ready to close.

    Hey and we’ll be even closer neighbors than I thought as we’re moving 35 minutes south of where we are currently, which puts us 35 minutes closer to Alabama. :)

    So happy for you and did you say homeschool in the other building? As in who??? Curious/nosy minds want to know! :)

  40. hope you love Alabama.It is a great place to live. I live in a suburb of Birmingham but I am originally from the Athens , Al area. Your home is lovely.

  41. wooooohooooo!!!!!

  42. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS…Congratulations…I cannot wait to see all of you settled in there! Whooo Hooo!

  43. So happy for you, it is all beautiful!!!!

  44. I am so incredibly happy for you! Isn’t it amazing how God hears the desires of our heart and gives us little gifts like this. Well, maybe I should say BIG gifts like this! Very thankful for this blessing for you! Sending lots of good wishes for smooth packing : ).

  45. I mentioned it’s been a long, long, long week{month true be known}..so I hadn’t been checkin’ in on you…and here you are – moving! Yippee Jesus! I’ve only been to Alabama once and thought it was beautiful…and the property is beyond wonderful. I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for you. Sounds absolutely glorious! And all that square footage? Aye-yi-yi- God is sooo good! Loved living on acreage…some days miss my Virginia woods and rolling horse pastures…but every now and then you post a picture of yours and it’ll be good for my soul. Love you friend.

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