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Isabelle has long wanted to have “Rapunzel” hair. Long. Flowing. Down to the small of her back.

But she simply lacked the patience to ever get there. When it was time for a haircut, she couldn’t resist. The weight, the heat… all made her long for short hair again.

In the last year, though, something changed. She decided, no matter what, that she would grow it. No cuts. Nary a trim.

Finally, her hair was long.


And then she decided cut it. To give away.

“So I could help other people if their hair was going away. Like, if there’s a girl who needs hair, she can just have my hair, so it will cover her head.”


And my precious girl has never looked more beautiful.


P.S. We’ll be packing up Isabelle’s ponytail and sending it to CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) with prayers for the little one who will wear it one day. After a little online research, we decided against Locks of Love. We want to be sure this sweet donation goes to the right place. For the right reasons.



  1. What a sweetheart! And yes, how beautiful is she with short hair! Interesting research also. Thanks for posting that.

  2. Christina says:

    Such a doll! Inside and out.

  3. Fabulous! She looks absolutely beautiful, and I love that she made the decision to donate her hair (: And her patience! It took me five years before I could stop cutting my hair and grow it long enough to donate. I also chose a different organization that Locks of Love for the same reason, so props to you for posting that!

  4. hopeful18 says:

    She is beautiful! I was so relieved you didn’t say Locks of Love for those same reasons.

  5. Wow. You sure are a good momma and raising these kiddos well. Praise God for her gracious and loving heart!!!

  6. Kelly Payne says:

    That just warms my heart! Kate receives regular treatments in the Hem/Onc infusion bay and we have seen first hand what a blessing that donation can be. What a precious little girl with STUNNING black hair you have there :)

  7. Your post made me teary eyed. This gift will mean SO much to the person who receives it. I lost all my hair when I went through chemotherapy and wore a wig for a full year. It’s very hard to be bald but having a nice wig can make such a difference. God bless your sweet Isabelle for being so thoughtful.

  8. Aw, Stef!!!! She is awesome!

  9. LOVE this!!! My girls are now thinking of doing the same thing! I will have to chat with you about this. :) I want to learn more about Children With Hair Loss.

  10. Way to go! I did not know that about Locks of Love! WOW! I am stunned!

  11. Thank you for the information on Locks of Love. I had never heard that report before. I had no idea. I’ve donated to them at least 3 times in my life. I’ll be looking into another organization if I do it again! And great job, girlie! That took patience and love to grow your hair for so long then donate it to someone who needs it!!!

  12. Such a sweet girl!!

  13. Campbell says:

    Such a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!! I was also rather dismayed by the way the Locks of Love operates. I donated my long hair to Children With Hair Loss as well!! It is so hard to grow your hair for that long! Many props to miss Isabelle for her patience and giving heart. You look FABULOUS sweet girl!!!

  14. This little baby you brought home never ceases to amaze me. She is a rarity in these days of entitlement. I hope her kindness and hope for someone else inspire others to shop less, give more alom with random acts of kindness. You must be beaming with pride and yes she does look beautiful.

  15. THANKS for the Locks of Love info. My kids have been routinely growing out their hair, then cutting it off to donate to Locks… We will be switching where we send their hair donations in the future.

  16. Love the photos! And I so did not know that about L.O.Love……..sad :(

  17. Wow! She loves! There is nothing better then that!

  18. Brought tears to my eyes. She is one beautiful young lady, inside and out!

  19. Great stuff – Marie and the girls have done “Locks of Love” several times!

    Beautiful – all the way around!

    hugs – aus and co.

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