Sunday Snapshot: my babies

It’s been a busy summer. In a good way.

I’ve let a lot of “regular” things slip because I wanted to be intentional about spending time with my kids.

And it has been so ridiculously fun.

One of the things I put on the back burner – besides blogging regularly – was my photography. I used to pull my camera out every day or two. Lately it’s been every week or two.


Despite the layer of dust growing on my camera I was determined, before summer ended, to get a picture of all of my babies – together.

To be honest, though, just the monstrosity of the task gave me a rumbly in my tumbly.

You see, I am not a naturally gifted photographer to begin with. Add to that the fact that I really struggle with taking pictures of groups and I’ve got even less of a chance. But heap onto that the fact that these are my kiddos… none of them content to sit for me and my camera separately, much less ensemble

and you can see the reason for the nausea.


But then a package arrived. An incredibly sweet friend sent some dresses for my girls (thank you sweet friend!) who were so excited. And I saw my window of opportunity.

I gathered the kiddos, my camera, my courage and a box of Sweet Tarts.

And off we went.


I’m happy to say, it was worth the nausea. The bribes. The box of Sweet Tarts.

Granted, they’re not perfect. But the photographer sure was cheap.

P.S. I am considering having one of these blown up – if I can pick which one I like best. Which one is your favorite?

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Happy (almost) Sunday, y’all.



  1. Number three is my favorite. I like the chair and benches that give added interest, plus to me the spacing looks a little better in 3 than 1.

  2. Bravo for getting everyone — even the dog — in the photo! My favorite is number 2.

  3. I Love the middle.Just beautiful, relaxed smiles.

  4. Amy Rotger says:

    ……no……I just LOVE Poppy’s face!! …yeah #2

  5. Number 1! All of their faces are so sweet!

  6. Number 1. They all are smiling at the camera :)

  7. For what it’s worth, the first one has such amazing smiles and cute looks on ALL their faces! It’s too sweet! Good job! :)

  8. Number 3 although, Number 1 is a close second. I’d say you done good as even your dog is smiling and looking right at you.

  9. Number 1 b/c it just looks the most natural and not forced (or bribed LOL!). And really, not a good photographer?! I’d pay you any day to take pics of my kids! I need some sweet tarts next time I think!

    I have this vision of an amazing photo at the top of our hill, but I’ve yet to get anything worth posting on a blog much less framing LOL!

    Great stuff here! You are ONE BLESSED Momma!!!

  10. I like number 1 the best if I had to choose just one. They are all so precious. The smiles are so genuine and filled with giggles. love them all!!!

  11. Number 1!

  12. #2!

  13. I know just how you feel! I have a hard time getting my own kids to be good and smile- for heaven sakes! You did a great job. I think my favorites are the first two.

  14. Loving #2 and the box of Sweet Tarts. We use Skittles for just such moments.

  15. Definitely number one. All the kids are happy and smiling at the camera.

  16. #2 is adorable!

  17. Definitely #2!

  18. They are all perfect! Kids & photos :) Number two must bee my favorite!

  19. They are all so cute… But #1 is the only one where they are ALL looking at the camera and smiling.

  20. Melanie says:

    The first picture is my favorite. Great job with the pictures!

  21. I like the middle one

  22. These are all great, what a challenge to get everyone to stay still, let alone looking the right direction! The first is my favorite, precious family and a beautiful picture!

  23. I agree, taking photos of groups is so challenging. It makes me cringe. LOL Yours came out beautifully!!

  24. after reading all the different faves– i realize my answer will so not help! but i like #1– i like the use of different chairs– like the facial expressions!

  25. # 1 is the best one. But they are all adorable.

  26. I like #1 – they are all so cute and you can see each radiant smile. LOVE the doggie, too :) Great job, momma. I’ve been wanting one done soon – getting everyone home, dressed so as not to clash, and all looking in the general direction of a camera is freaking me out tho!

  27. Just lovely!!

  28. #2 is best. All are great but shadows are distracting in 1 and 3 – kiddos and even doggie are darling in all

  29. You have a gorgeous family. My fave is the first one.

  30. I like the second one with the dog on the left and the girls sitting on the ground. It’s a great picture!

  31. #3, but they’re all great!

  32. They are all great. I think I like #1 the best.

  33. My favorite is #2! But I’m so impressed you got three great photos to choose from. : )

  34. What a beautiful family you have! It must be a joy to be so many :)
    My favorite was the last one.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  35. I like number 1 the best!

  36. What a sweet group :) I think I like #1 the best, they’re all looking at the camera and smiling, even Seamus!

  37. meganblaire says:

    Number 1; it’s the only one where they’re all looking at the camera. Beautiful! You’re family is my dream! 😉

  38. #1 is great, but #2 shows their real personalities. I’d choose #2

  39. What a lovely family!

    I think the first pictures is perfect! 😀

  40. The top one — hands down!

  41. Kelly Payne says:

    I agree! Number 1 but honestly, they are all three cute! You can’t go wrong! I must be honest… I was relieved to hear you struggle with photography! Your shots are so wonderful in my amateur opinion! As a photography enthusiast, I assume that it comes so easily for everyone but me :) Sweet Tarts… Hmmm… adding that to my bag of tricks!

  42. Love them all – which one makes you smile the most when you look at it?

    I think you are a wonderful photographer!

    xo ellie

  43. You need to stop downplaying your skills girl!! You are a talented photog!!
    #2 is you total willing for the wall!!

  44. Oh my goodness…these are awesome! If you can do a family photo all by yourself for you family, then I can definitely manage one for my little family of three. Thanks for the inspiration to get out there and do it myself! :) I’m loving the first photo as everyone is looking at the camera.

  45. #2 is good – but #1 is my fav – love big brothers holding little sisters – LOVE the look on the dog’s face (like “really I have to do thi s?”) – it really kind of “get’s it for me”. I also noted that in #2 all the older guys have their arms folded in the same direction – they must be brothers or something! Love the posing in #3, but one dd is looking down – yeah….#1!

    hugs – aus and co.

  46. I love #2~

  47. snekcip says:

    I love #1!! What you bribe the dog with??!! Our dog would NEVER stand still for a picture!!

  48. Melissa S. says:

    Number one – where Poppy and Lula are both looking at the camera. And, when did Asher get so TALL???

  49. I like #1 the best! The lighting is great and everyone looks WONDERFUL! Congrats on getting the pics, lady!

  50. kmachuga says:

    #1 is my fav

  51. Number 1! Because all had joyful, beaming kind of smiles.

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