Sunday Snapshot: two years ago

… Zach and I were on our way to China for Poppy.

Who spent much of the two weeks in tears or frozen in a somber silence.

It was truly heartbreaking.


But now, two years later, she basically rules this place. Me. Her dad. Her siblings. The dog.

Most often, she rules as a loving and benevolent princess. But, for those unfortunate few, she can pretty tough.

She’s recently told her big brothers that they are not her best friends.

And the funny part is, that actually bothered them.


Because, around here, everyone loves Poppy.

She just has a way about her…

A quiet confidence.

A regal air.

You just want to say yes to her request for a Fudge Round. Or your iPhone.

Not gonna lie, I’m a wee bit concerned about her turning 16.


Then there’s her wild and sassy side.

That sings at the top of her lungs in the mornings.

And insists on being in charge when left with all of her siblings.

Even the 23 year old one.

The amazing part is that she manages the crew better than anyone else.

Seriously. This kid is something else.


Such a blessing to witness as our Poppy continues to bloom into the little one God intended her to be.

When you’re ready to play along, be sure to visit here for the full scoop.

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. Very sweet photos!!

  2. Happy 2 years together :-) I remember your journey so well and I followed your page every day because Poppy reminded me so much of our younger daughter when we were in China. Our daughter also froze and it was a big shock for her…..but today a happy happy girl :-) We´re blessed !


  3. What a cutie!

  4. These pictures of Poppy are just adorable! :)

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful girl, and I love your photo location as well!

  6. so happy everyone enjoys her so much

  7. Campbell says:

    Sweet Poppy truly touched my heart as I followed her journey into your lives. I remember the first pictures and the decisions over her name. I remember how truly terrified she seemed to be in those first two weeks. I also remember when that elusive smile made an entrance when a shop keeper was playing with her. I prayed and prayed that her fear would subside and she would know peace in her heart as trust began to bloom. Bloom she did. She has grown into such a lovely little one. She has a special place in my heart and I pray for her continued journey into joy and empowerment and the knowledge that she is truly and greatly loved. Happy Two Years home sweet girl. You are indeed SO LOVED!!! xoxo

  8. She is so sweet. I’m afraid she’s won over the internet world, too! :) So funny that her brothers were offended to not be her friends!

  9. She is so cute! I love to hear about the “before” and then see the “after” pictures… God is so good! It always amazes me how much change comes about in a child simply by being loved… belonging… it was almost instant with our girls. It’s only been 7 months and I can not believe how they both have changed. I also have a 14-yr-old son with a very similar personality as miss Poppy. Girl, what a ride! Hold on to Jesus and remember to hold loosely to the worries that can so easily entangle… He’s Got BIG plans for Miss Poppy’s life!

  10. She is precious!

  11. hooray, poppy!!! oh, how i remember those somber china photos! so blessed to see her beautiful smile now. and so funny about the big boys being bothered by her comment!

  12. Aw! What a sweetheart :) Gorgeous photos as always!

  13. Oh, sweet Poppy! How your story tugged at my heart way back when. Love to see you blossoming and becoming the little girl you are. Keep on keeping those people straight over there. You’re doing a great job!

  14. Such a beautiful girl! Great pics Mom!! Her china story really left an impression on me. So great to know that know matter how hard the transition is, our little ones will come out on the other side and what a beautiful transition it is!! :)

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