first day of first grade.

And second grade.

And third grade.

And, yes, fourth grade. Not necessarily in that order.

Just look at my sweet babies. Love ’em so much.

I did sort of cheat with my “first day of school” pictures, though.

Instead of getting a picture of each of my school-bound kiddos, I went for the group shot.

At least it’s better than the picture I got last year.


As I watched my kiddos teeter off to the bus stop with their over-stuffed backpacks and arms full of school supplies (what the heck, how many supplies can one kid need?), I was torn…

Sad because wow, they’re not with me for 9 hours out of the day – from now until June.

And happy because wow, they’re not with me for 9 hours out of the day – from now until June.

Being a mama is confusing, no?

Praying for kids every where who are navigating their first day of school. And their mamas.



  1. Love this picture! SO much better than last years :) They are all getting so big…

  2. So fun :) If you get a chance to share, I’d love to hear how you’ve made choices about which kiddos to homeschool (and when) and which to send to school (and when).

  3. Aww – so sweet!! :)

    I remembered your last year shot when I took back to school photos last week. 😀

  4. Last year was hilarious, this year is just downright precious!!!

  5. I can’t imagine snapping a pic with that many lunches to make and bookbags to pack let alone trying to catch a bus! Props to you!!!

  6. Adorable shot! That’s a very long day…no wonder you miss them!!! Do they have a long bus ride?

  7. adorable.

  8. So cute! I was so glad my baby didn’t cry her first day of school, but on the other hand, I was miffed that she couldn’t eek out even one little tear for her momma. A tricky road we navigate indeed!

  9. Hope they had a fantatastic day!

  10. Great lookin’ group!!! Hope they had an amazing first day!

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