Sunday Snapshot: Isabelle this summer

Last week I began a series of summer sessions with my kidlets. My goal is to capture each of them between now and the official end of summer.

So, one by one, I’ll be taking them out for a quick photo shoot with their favorite photographer.


I have to be purposeful about this kind of thing, otherwise I wouldn’t get new pictures of my kids for way too long.

And the thing about kids is, they keep changing on you.


Last week was Sophie’s turn. This week it was Isabelle’s.

She put on her favorite dress and grabbed her favorite toy.

And off we went.


We didn’t have to go far.

I love the way the light comes through the trees in our front yard so that’s about as far as we went.


Just the two of us.

Okay, the three of us.

Me, Isabelle and Pepper. Her beloved kitty.


Truth be told, having Pepper along made this little shoot a breeze. Isabelle spent the entire time either talking about Pepper or talking to Pepper.

“Mom, are her ears the same size?”

“Let me fix her whiskers.”

“Pepper, I love you.”

And smiling.


My sweet Isabelle.

Such a happy girl.


She has a way of making everything more fun.

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Happy (almost) Sunday, y’all.



  1. A true gift this child. She’s come a long way

  2. Awesome. adorable.

  3. I think this is an awesome idea. We’ll be doing back to school pictures later this week too.

  4. well I think you and your little are having a great time with these mini sessions!

  5. So sweet, have a happy Sunday!

  6. Love this series with new pictures of your kids. Isabelle has a beautiful smile. I can see why that is her favorite dress; she looks darling in it! They are growing up so fast. How old is she?

  7. Such a beautiful girl! Lovely pictures. :-)

  8. BTW…. Is that your dog in the background of the third picture? LOL!

  9. They grow up so fast! Beautiful and fun pictures. Love the little kitty.
    My daughter has the beanie boo pig and duck! We are looking for the cow. She wants all the farm animals.

  10. Isabelle is darling. I love how her smile lights up her entire face. What a beautiful little girl. Pepper is pretty fabulous too. I can totally see where she primped the whiskers! ; )

  11. What a precious family you have, Stephanie! I found you through Mona’s Picturesque and look forward to participating in the link up next week! Be blessed!

  12. Beautiful shots!

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