how they grow

Because my memory often fails me. And because you can’t misplace the internet (not that I’ve ever misplaced anything important.)

I took measurements of my kiddos about the same time last year. But – thinking I’d get around to measuring them later – I skipped the littles. And never did measure them.

Until yesterday.

This year I decided to forego the lengthy process of individual pictures. And went for the super-quick group shot.

After an after-school snack, I herded them out front. Begged them to look less irritated than they were.

And took what I could get.


Tallula measures 37″ and 32 pounds. She is in the 46%ile for weight and 22%ile for height. I haven’t ever plotted her, so this will be her reference point for future plotting. Assuming I actually remember.

Poppy measures 38.5″ and 30 pounds. She is in the 12%ile for weight and 26%ile for height. A smidge smaller than she was last time I did all this crazy plotting over 2 years ago.

Vivienne measures 41″ and 43 pounds. She is in the 44%ile for weight and 1%ile for height. She was in the 13%ile and 3%ile last time I plotted her growth. We’re just proud of our precious girl no matter where she is on the chart. Go, Vivi Cakes.

Shepherd measures 44″ and 39 pounds. He is in the 3%ile for weight and 4%ile for height. Last time he was less than 3%ile for both height and weight so he’s actually catching up. Albeit very, very slowly. Way to go, Shep Dog.

Jude measures 46″ and 45 pounds. So he is in the 8%ile for weight and 5%ile for height. He was in the 9%ile and 10%ile last time. Slowing down a smidge even though he’s added some new foods to his painfully limited palette. A work in progress.

Isabelle measures 49″ and 59 pounds. She is in the 28%ile for weight and 6%ile for height. She measured in the 64%ile for weight and 28%ile for height last time, so she has really slowed down. Still solid as a rock, though.

Sophie measures 50″ and 59 pounds. She is in the 17%ile for weight and 6%ile for height. She was 26%ile for weight and 8%ile for height last time, very close to where she was before.

Dalton measures 4′ 11″ and 105 and he is in the 82%ile for weight and 63%ile for height. He was 86%ile for weight and 62%ile for height last time. Steady Eddie.

Asher measures 5′ 10″ and 189 he is in the 97%ile for weight and 94%ile for height. He was 95%ile and 94%ile. Steady Eddie, too. And just plain big for his age.

Not quite your traditional baby book, is it?

Just feeling incredibly blessed for each and every one of my babies. And equally grateful that no one is sticking the tape measure to me.

It’s good to be the mom.



  1. Love! Vivi has grown so much as has the whole gang. Perfect!

  2. Very sweet photo!

  3. Maya is 8 years old and I was trying jeans on her at Target the other day and somehow she used to be a size 6 but is now a size 5! I know for a fact that it’s not her–she’s growing–so, I can only assume Target must be doing vanity sizes for the young! Seriously, even with the 5, I had to pull the tabs in at the waist. Crazy.

  4. Oh, and Maya was in the 3rd percentile for height and like the 10th for weight. Simon was 10th for height and like 60th for weight. It makes me laugh when I get asked if they’re twins. True, they’re both Chinese, but couldn’t look more different. Maya is this delicate little thing (at least that’s how she looks!) and Simon’s like a beefy, compact linebacker.

  5. Are there height / weight charts for various races / nationalities?

  6. Such a pretty crew you have!

  7. You’re so funny!

  8. Every one of them is just perfect :) Great photo!!!

  9. I don’t know how you can stand this much cute on a daily basis. They are all just perfect! :)

  10. I can’t believe how all of the kids have grown. They are just stairsteps for sure. Tallula has really changed, she isn’t a baby anymore. Vivi blends right in. They are all so precious!

  11. jean Mulvahill says:

    Love this! I love seeing how the children are growing. We measure too and then we lose the notebook I wrote it in every time… I may have to do a copy cat post for record keeping!! Love your precious kiddos!

  12. such pretty babies every one. Seeing the joy in their faces is such a delight!! God bless!!

  13. You know, one day the girls will not want their weight posted? lol.

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